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Re: more questions about the mapping table

From: Tobias Bürger <tobias.buerger@sti2.at>
Date: Fri, 03 Apr 2009 05:41:08 +0200
Message-ID: <49D58554.3050605@sti2.at>
To: Pierre-Antoine Champin <pierre-antoine.champin@liris.cnrs.fr>
CC: Media Annotation <public-media-annotation@w3.org>
Dear Pierre-Antoine,

I asked the same question to me yesterday.

The spec says:

xmp:MetadataDate: The date and time that any metadata for this resource
was last changed. It should be the same as or more recent than

xmpDM:metadataModDate: The date and time when the metadata was last

I actually can not spot the exact difference. So either Adobe had a
reason why similar properties are defined in the Basic and the DM schema
and they just did not make the difference more explicit (which I
suppose) . Or it is redundant in the XMP Schema.

What do  others think?


Pierre-Antoine Champin schrieb:
> Hi again,
> another question raised by my mapping review:
> what is the difference between xmp:MetadataDate and xmpDM:metadataModDate ?
> I do not see any difference, hence I do not see the interest of keeping
> both in our subset of XMP...
>   pa

Dipl.-Inf. Univ. Tobias Bürger

STI Innsbruck
University of Innsbruck, Austria

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