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From: Vassilis Tzouvaras <tzouvaras@image.ntua.gr>
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2008 14:21:41 +0300
Message-Id: <3371CF07-17CA-41BD-9176-0C85334E166B@image.ntua.gr>
To: public-media-annotation@w3.org

Dear All,

I would like to introduce my self and apologize for not participating  
in the previous telecos. I will be participating in the following  

I am Vassilis Tzouvaras, senior researcher in the National Technical  
University of Athens and my participation in this WG is through a  
European Research project dealing with multimedia and semantics,  
entitled K-space.

I have previous experience in standardization activities especially in  
W3C. I participated in the Multimedia Annotation Task Force (part of  
SWBPD WG) and the MMSEM XG. I have also contributed in the RIF and OWL  
2 WGs.

My research interests include multimedia applications, SemWeb  
technologies, Cultural Heritage applications. I have been involved in  
the creation of various multimedia ontologies in various European  
projects. Also, I have been involved in Cultural heritage application  
that use AI technologies. I have experience understanding and using  
metadata standards such as DC, Cidoc-Crm, EAD,  etc. The focus in my  
work is how to achieve syntactic and semantic interoperability using  
alignment, reasoning and query algorithms. Finally, I participate in  
the  technical team of the Europeana initiative.

I am interested in most of the usecases of the WG, but I have special  
interest in the Cultural use case.

Best Regards,
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