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RE: Media Annotation Use Cases

From: Broome, Karen <Karen_Broome@spe.sony.com>
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2008 12:43:53 -0700
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Comments on your use cases....

1. Video recommendation: I think the categories and logic to serve up video recommendations would vary across locales -- this is not merely translating English terms. Some terms will only be specific to a particular region (examples: "telenovella" in Latin America; distinction between forms of anime in Japan -- knowing whether something is "shonen" [male] or "shoujo" [female] anime may not matter to Western anime fans). Will this work attempt to account for this? Also, recommendation logic and architecture may vary depending on the audience of the party providing the content. Is this something that should be standardized or are these marketing decisions? Not sure.

2. Why not use the IPTV metadata specification for IPTV video?


Karen Broome
Sony Pictures Entertainment

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Subject: Media Annotation Use Cases

Hi all,

We had small  discussion of use cases very briefly at the previous teleconference. I would like to trigger this thread on the mailing list first, and go to further details at upcoming next teleconference. What use cases are you thinking about in conjunction with Media Annotation ?

To me, I would propose a couple of use cases here.

[1] Video Recommendation Services by using an unified medna annotation

References from the past workshop: http://www.w3.org/2007/08/video/positions/SAMSUNG.pdf

[2] Video on the IPTV

Any comments or issues are welcome...!


Daniel Park [at] Samsung Electronics.

Standard Architect, blog.naver.com/natpt<http://blog.naver.com/natpt>
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