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RE: [new use case suggestion] Use Case - Life Log

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Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 11:44:47 +0900
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I agree. 

I think Life log would be good use case.

It means that Life log could be represented with integration of media that is related with specific person in internet.

But the annotations of those media are not interoperable now. So media ontology should support some features to enable life log service. 




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Subject: [new use case suggestion] Use Case - Life Log


While discussion of use cases at the previous f2f meeting, Life Log use case came up in my mind. 


So, I've made an initial text for this use case, what do you think ?


If agreed, then I will elaborate on this use case further details...




Daniel Park


Use case – Life Log 


pePA person captures his experience as well as their entire lives by creating images, audios and videos in the web. They are namely a life logs today. Those life logs are made by various information such as time, location, creator's profile, human relations, and even emotion. In case the life logs are annotated by means of ontology, he/she can easily and efficiently search for his/her personal life log information in the web whenever necessary. Life logs also can be mixed up with geolocation information (auto tagging to the Google Map) for easy search and interaction in the web. 


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