Thanks Tobias,

I was not aware of this. It matches my intuition (although it was not limiting the license only to CC) but I didn´t know (sorry...)


Tobias Bürger escribió:
Dear Victor,

the intention of the WebStatement element is not to exclude the
possibility to embedd license data in XMP but rather to provide an
additional unchangable license description at some point on the Web to
which you can point to (if I understand it correctly).

The rationale of this element is nicely explained on the Creative
Commons site [1]  who encourage the embedding of creative commons
licences in XMP [2].




Víctor Rodríguez Doncel schrieb:
Dear Raphaël,

My objection about "xmpRights:WebStatement"  (which I understand is
the closest) is that the "license" is remote and this could hinder its
use (e.g. think of a non-connected situation).
Having a remote pointer is fine, but allowing an inline license would
be better, hence my comment...

Víctor Rodríguez Doncel

Raphaël Troncy escribió:
Dear Victor,

I wonder whether this text fields could be improved so that they
include richer information. For example, a RDF version of a
CreativeCommons license (appart from the CC symbols, there is a RDF
version to express "Non-Commercial" etc.), or a pattern License in
whichever Rights Expression Language etc.

Wouldn´t it be nice having a picture and its licensing terms together?
Absolutely! We have already discussed that on the mailing list, see
for example:

Furthermore, we have discussed that issue during the face to face
meeting in Cannes, with the PLING working group (see

So, YES, we should have a placeholder for pointing to machine
readable and human readable licence, but it seems to me that XMP
allows already to do that via the properties "xmpRights:Certificate"
and/or "xmpRights:WebStatement" that both have values a URL that can
point to such a licence.

Best regards.