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Re: Structure Behaviour Relationship

From: Paolo Bottoni <bottoni@di.uniroma1.it>
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2012 11:24:28 +0100
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To: Heiko Braun <hbraun@redhat.com>
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Dear all,

thanks to Heiko for this contribution.

I am not completely convinced by it, though.

As I was saying during the telco, I see actions as both producers and
consumers of resources of some kind, events being such a type of resource.
Behaviours are specific structurings of actions, and one can also specify
the global production and consumption of resources they entail.

So, I see things roughly as described in the picture below. I use here
interfaces rather than classes, as the way in which actions or behaviours
produce or consume resources can be arbitrary. As I said, I see this as the
foundation for a general view of the semantics of interaction, common to
both AUI, CUI, Tasks, and Domain models. That is also the reason why I
would see actions and resources as types, rather than actual classes, as
they can actually be realised in different ways, e.g. by hardware
components or physical elements, and not necessarily by software elements.

[image: Immagine in linea 1]

2012/11/15 Heiko Braun <hbraun@redhat.com>

> As a followup for todays telco:
> An attempt to model the relationship between structure and behaviour along
> the lines of "produce/consume" or "send/listen" semantics:
> It's merely food for thought, but maybe helps to fuel the discussion.
> Regards, Heiko


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