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12-03-2012 audioconference minutes

From: Fabio PaternÚ <fabio.paterno@isti.cnr.it>
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2012 10:56:40 +0100
To: public-mbui@w3.org
Message-id: <005f01cd035b$1581fc80$4085f580$@isti.cnr.it>

Minutes 2012-03-12



∑         Fabio PaternÚ, Lucio Davide Spano, ISTI CNR

∑         Jaroslav Pullmann, Fraunhofer FIT

∑         Nikolaos Kaklanis, CERTH/ITI

∑         Sebastian Feuerstack, UFSCar

∑         Javier RodrŪguez Escolar, Cristina Gonzales, CTIC

Gerrit is ill, he asked Fabio to chair the conf-call.

Review of the Use Cases. We have to add a few lines about the role of the
MBUI languages in the description of the use cases, which is already in the
Wiki (see actions section). 

Task forces. We have to set up two task forces for creating a working draft,
one for task models and another one for Abstract User Interfaces. Since the
first version is expected by March the 30th, we cannot perform an
extensively review and evaluation of all existing languages. Therefore, it
is better to focus on the languages that have been submitted to the MBUI
group. We will consider the following languages:

∑         Tasks:

o   CTT

o   UseML

o   UsiXML

∑         AUI


o   UsiXML


o   AIM

o   UseDM

Since we will focus on the abstract level, which is platform-agnostic,
rather than on the concrete level, at the moment MIM is out of scope

Working draft. We will create a document that includes a metamodel proposal
together with text explanation. It is better to create a small group of 2-3
persons as the main editors that collect reviews and comments from the
participants. Fabio will lead the Task group, while Jean the AUI one. For
the communication it is possible to use the public mailing list, or directly
contact persons involved.

Next F2F meeting.  As Gerrit pointed out EICS workshops and conference  in
Copenhagen cover almost the entire week so we cannot have the meeting there.
Since various participants to the MBUI-WG are involved in Serenoa we agreed
to have the next face-to-face meeting in Pisa the 11th of June, afterwards
there will be a Serenoa meeting.  In this way we can facilitate the
participation of the Serenoa industrial partners (Telefonica, SAP, …)

AOB. We do not need to include a long motivation section in the working
drafts, because we already motivated the approach in the Incubator group
document. We should focus on the languages description.


∑         Add the role of MBUI languages in the description of the use-cases
(2-3) lines. The deadline is April the 15th 

∑         Circulate minutes in the mailing list

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