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RE: Vocabulary for Research/Education institutions?

From: Michael Hopwood <michael@editeur.org>
Date: Wed, 9 May 2012 17:41:29 +0100
To: Daniel Schwabe <dschwabe@inf.puc-rio.br>, Public LOD community <public-lod@w3.org>
Message-ID: <F61A8945B05715448AF2221FB6080925072915CC09@EX27MAIL03.msghub.com>
Hi Daniel,

Have you seen RBKExplorer? http://www.rkbexplorer.com/explorer/#display=project-{http%3A//wiki.rkbexplorer.com/id/resist}

I think Hugh Glaser has done quite a lot of work on this.



From: Daniel Schwabe [mailto:dschwabe@inf.puc-rio.br]
Sent: 09 May 2012 17:12
To: Public LOD community
Subject: Vocabulary for Research/Education institutions?

Dear all,
As many of you have already done, we are also in the process of turning our institutional data into linked data. Whereas there is a pretty good vocabulary for publications (BIBO), we haven't found one to describe academic/research institutions (e.g., Universities, Colleges, etc...).
We know there are "ad hoc" solutions, but no "general" one(s) that could be re-used by many...

Can somebody point us to some references?


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