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Re: Linked Data Business Models?

From: Gannon Dick <gannon_dick@yahoo.com>
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2012 07:34:02 -0700 (PDT)
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Big Data did not grow to be Big Data by doing things like Big Data does them now.  Who are the "... other non eCommerce oriented behemoths" ?

 From: Kingsley Idehen <kidehen@openlinksw.com>
To: public-lod@w3.org 
Sent: Monday, July 30, 2012 8:50 AM
Subject: Re: Linked Data Business Models?

On 7/30/12 8:11 AM, Melvin Carvalho wrote:

>On 26 July 2012 00:08, Kingsley Idehen <kidehen@openlinksw.com> wrote:
>>There is a tendency assume an eternal lack of functional and
          scalable business models with regards to Linked Data. I think
          its time for an open discussion about this matter.
>>It's no secret, I've never seen business models as challenging
          Linked Data. Quite the contrary. That said, instead of a dump
          from me about my viewpoints on Linked Data models, how about
          starting this discussion by identifying any non "Advertising
          based business model" that have actually worked on the Web to
>>As far as I know, "Advertising" and "Surreptitious Personal
          Profile Data Wholesale" are the only models that have made a
          difference to the bottom lines of: Google, Facebook, Twitter,
          Yahoo! and other non eCommerce oriented behemoths.
>>Based on the above, let's have a serious and frank discussion
          about business models with the understanding agreement that
          one size will never fit all, ever, so this rule cannot be
          overlooked re. Linked Data. Also remember, Business models
          aren't silver bullets, they are typically aligned with markets
          (qualified and quantified pain points) and the evolving nature
          of tangible and monetizable value.
>>Hopefully, the floor is now open to everyone that has a vested
          interest in this very important matter :-)
>I think we need a paid app store for the web
>Plenty of examples of people writing apps, deploying them to
          mobile and making good revenue
>Why should it not be as easy to deploy to 'The Web'
Great point! 

A webby application store driven by the likes of GoodRelations, FOAF
    Profiles, SIOC data spaces, WebID ACLs, and Payswarm is something
    that's missing re. poweful Linked Data showcase outside the realms
    of dataset publishing. Imagine if developers could produce Linked
    Data apps for desktops, notebooks, tables, and phones that were easy
    to discover, courtesy of the kind of serendipity inherent in
    Web-scale Linked Data meshes. Basically, you end up with something
    as simple as:

Developer Activity:

1. write app
2. describe app -- using something as simple as a turtle document
3. deploy app to a Web location -- e.g., dropbox or an ftp location 
4. ACL protect access to the app via WebID
5. use WebID watermarked X.509 certificate as the license file which
    enforces terms of use
6. announce app via a Tweet, G+, Facebook, LinkedIn post.

Note: this system would be federated and endowed with a SPARQL
    endpoint giving developers the option to maintain their own app
    stores etc..
In addition, existing App stores that offer APIs would be hooked
    into the system via wrapper / proxy services that produce Linked
    Data etc.. 

Very cool idea!

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