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Announcing OpenLink Virtuoso, Open Source Edition, v6.1.4

From: Tim Haynes <tim.haynes@openlinksw.co.uk>
Date: Tue, 01 Nov 2011 16:05:51 +0000
Message-ID: <4EB018DF.9080902@openlinksw.co.uk>
To: public-lod@w3.org

OpenLink Software is pleased to announce the official release of
Virtuoso Open-Source Edition, Version 6.1.4:

New product features as of October 31, 2011, V6.1.4, include:

Oct 31, 2011, V6.1.4:
  * Upgrading from previous versions
    - Added information about upgrading from previous 6.1.x to 6.1.4
    - Enabled check for bad index due to XML fragment

  * Database engine
    - Added new implementation of search_excerpt that can handle both
ANSI/UTF8 and Wide strings
    - Added new setting RdfFreeTextRulesSize
    - Added improved support for inference rules based reasoning and
materialized Linked Data Views generated from ODBC/JDBC accessible
relational databases
    - Added option to register post-processing callbacks to SPARQL DESCRIBE
    - Added initial support for PHP 5.3 runtime hosting
    - Added aggregate DB.DBA.GROUP_DIGEST which makes it possible to
      return part of large output from DB.DBA.GROUP_CONCAT without running
out of row length limits
    - Added optimised codegen for built-in aggregate functions
    - Added option to enable/disable ?P statistics generation re. SPARQL
query patterns
    - Added support for HTML5+Microformat, Microformat/JSON and JSON-LD
serialization formats re. SPARQL endpoint
    - Added support for SPARQL 1.1 IF and COALESCE
    - Added support for SPARQL 1.1 SPARQL HTTP Graph Store Protocol
covering Graph level CRUD operations
    - Added support for SQL QUERY syntax in declaration of Linked Data Views
    - Added support for calling XPath/XQuery functions from SPARQL
    - Fixed code generation using gawk 4
    - Fixed code generation for service invocation for case of IN parameter
that is not bound in
      SINV sub-query is neither external/global nor fixed in parent group
    - Fixed col_default to be same dtp as col_dtp to prevent default value
    - Fixed compiler warnings
    - Fixed connection leak in connection pool during long checkpoints
    - Fixed crash running FILTER query containing IN clause with only one
item in it
    - Fixed deadlock on attempt of qr_recompile during the run of
SPARQL-to_SQL front-end
    - Fixed disable dep cols check
    - Fixed disabled pg_check_map by default to make checkpoint faster
    - Fixed handling of GROUP BY and ORDER BY using expressions
    - Fixed hang or crash after checkpoint is finished
    - Fixed issues with cost based optimizer
    - Fixed issue with multiple transitive subqueries in sql optimizer
    - Fixed issue with ORDER BY expression optimization
    - Fixed JSON output for native parsers
    - Fixed key dep cols check for sample
    - Fixed lock status report
    - Fixed memory leaks
    - Fixed possible mutex deadlock
    - Fixed problems re-creating quad map
    - Fixed rdfview generation
    - Fixed recompile all qr's cached on cli connection when dropping a
group or creating new
      graph group
    - Fixed set sl_owner before cpt_rollback in order to know which thread
owns the process,
      otherwise other threads may wrongly go inside the wait_checkpoint
    - Fixed skip rules which perform http redirect when doing a POST
    - Fixed space calculation when changed records does not fit in
available space on page
    - Fixed SPARQL OPTIONAL keyword sometimes causing queries to not return
graph matches
    - Fixed SQL codegen bug in SPARQL queries of R2RML rewriter
    - Fixed when iri exceeds 2KB limit and flag is enabled then shorten the
iri, instead of
      rejecting it
    - Rebuilt Jena, Sesame2, and JDBC drivers
    - Updated documentation

  * SPARQL and RDF
    - Added new cartridges for Eventbrite, Eventful, Foursquare, Gowalla,
Google+, Google Places, Google
      Product, Google Profile, Gowalla, Guardian, Hyperpublic, Jigsaw,
LinkedIn, Plancast,
      ProgrammableWeb, Seatgeek, Seevl, SimpleGeo, Upcoming, XRD, Zappos,
and Zoopla
    - Added ontologies for OpenLink CV/Resume, Google+, and many others
associated with Sponger Cartridges
    - Added new cartridge for Twitter using Twitter 2.0 REST API
    - Added enhancements to Facebook Graph API and OpenGraph based cartridges
    - Added in-built support for social bookmarking to Facted Browser and
Sponger generated Linked Data pages
    - Added new HTML base User Interface for default SPARQL endpoint
    - Added support for MS-Author-Via: SPARQL, to SPARQL response headers
when using SPARQL endpoint
    - Added support conditional operators such as: like, =, , > ranges, and
IN re., native Faceted Browser pages
    - Added improved permalinks functionality  Faceted Browser pages
    - Added support for javascript-like hrefs in RDFa
    - Added w3-1999-xhtml/vocab for RDFa 1.1
    - Added HTTP status codes in SPARQL graph store protocol
    - Added API for selective sponging via URL enhanced patterns
    - Added support for CREATE LITERAL CLASS "format string" ...
    - Fixed bad conversion of utf8 in rdf/xml
    - Fixed "delayed" filters like ?x p1 ?o1 ; p2 ?o2 . optional { ... } .
filter (?o1 = ?o2)
    - Fixed map OpenLink Zillow ontology to geo:lat/long
    - Fixed map oplog:likes_XXX property to like:likes
    - Fixed minor issues
    - Fixed SPARUL LOAD INTO command creating duplicate graphs
    - Fixed translation from nodeID://xxx to _:xxx
    - Fixed url encoding issues in RDF/XML
    - Fixed when dropping a graph, also check if there is a quad map for it

  * ODS Applications
    - Added ACL eXecute flag
    - Added RDF/XML and TTL representations to Offers
    - Added SIOC object services
    - Added WebID verification service
    - Added annotation rules
    - Added app discussion rules
    - Added discussion IRIs
    - Added header and head links for IRIs
    - Added ldap schema support to WebID
    - Added mail verification service
    - Added support for WebID idp
    - Added user's rewrite rules
    - Added user/mail availability action
    - Updated CKEditor to version 3.6.1
    - Fixed <a>++
    - Fixed ACL using patterns
    - Fixed API functions
    - Fixed call auth check only when needed
    - Fixed changing/deleting events does not trigger re-sync with publication
    - Fixed Delicious import/publish
    - Fixed description presentation
    - Fixed Facebook UI
    - Fixed IE JS problems
    - Fixed import atom sources
    - Fixed move/copy API with wrong source/destination
    - Fixed navigation and UI
    - Fixed Offers, Likes and Dislikes, Topic of Interest
    - Fixed search RSS problem
    - Fixed SIOC RDF links API functions
    - Fixed typo in messages
    - Fixed WebDAV selection

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Tim Haynes
Product Development Consultant
OpenLink Software
Received on Tuesday, 1 November 2011 16:06:46 UTC

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