Dear LODers,

We have created a simple webapp that generates questions about cinema by querying the Linked Movie DataBase ([1], many thanks to Oktie et al. for that project and their support).

The so-called "Linked Data Movie Quiz" is available at [2], as part of a contest where webapps had to be developed in less than 10KB [3].

We hope that even if simple, and not accessing but a single repository, the application is able to showcase the power of using available Linked Data. (Indeed, a huge number of questions are automatically generated with very little code.) Doing well in the contest proved difficult, for there were very nice HTML5 demos in there, but I reckon it was good in terms of Linked Data evangelism. :-) (I tried to write during the contest, but somehow the email didn't make it through.)

There are some more details about the LDMQ in [4]. We'll be glad if you try it out (advice: less bugs -but still some- if you don't use IE6 or 7) and send some feedback.

Guillermo (and Jorge)



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