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[Fwd: XRD 1.0 currently up for OASIS Standard vote]

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FYI, you should probably be aware.. don't underestimate either, just 
take a look at the "To:" list..

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Subject: XRD 1.0 currently up for OASIS Standard vote
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2010 16:25:53 -0700
From: Will Norris <will@willnorris.com>
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(apologies up front for those that get multiple copies of this due to the
wide cross post)

For those that haven't been following the current status XRD, I wanted to
ping you and let you know that it is currently being voted on for
consideration as an OASIS Standard.

As a quick recap, XRD is a simple format for describing resources, with one
immediate use being discovery of social web services.  It is a direct
evolution of XRDS (used for discovery in OpenID 2.0) and XRDS-Simple (used
in OAuth Discovery, Portable Contacts, et al).  XRD is currently in use as
the descriptor format powering WebFinger.  You can read the full spec at:

I'm writing to these communities to encourage anyone whose company is an
OASIS member to find out who your OASIS representative is and encourage them
to vote.  The ballot is open through October 31, so we only have just over a
week left.

login required)

Will Norris

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