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Crowdsourcing request: Google People Finder Data as RDF

From: Aldo Bucchi <aldo.bucchi@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2010 11:06:42 -0300
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To: Linked Data community <public-lod@w3.org>
Cc: digitales-por-chile@googlegroups.com, rzilleruelo <rzilleruelo@gmail.com>, Daniel Pérez Rada <dperezrada@gmail.com>, Nicolas Dujovne <ndujovne@gmail.com>

As most of you heard things were a bit shaky down here in Chile. We
have some requests and hope you guys can help. This is a moment to
prove what we always boast about: that Linked Data can solve real

Google provides a prople finder service
(http://chilepersonfinder.appspot.com/) which is right now
centralizing some ( but not all ) of the missing people data. This
service is OK but it lacks some features plus we need to integrate
with other sources to perform analysis and aid our rescue teams /
alleviate families.

This is serious matter but it is indeed taken a bti lightly by
existing software. ( there is a tradeoff between the amount of
structure you can impose and ease of use in the front-line ).

What we would love to have is a way to access all feeds from
<http://chilepersonfinder.appspot.com/> as RDF

We already have some databases operating on these feeds, but we're
still far away a clean solution because of its loose structure ( take
a look and you'll see what I mean ).

Who wants to take a shot at this?

- Take all feeds originating from <http://chilepersonfinder.appspot.com/>
- Generate an initial RDF dump ( big TTL file )
- Generate Incremental RDF dumps every hour

The transfromation should do its best guess at the ideal data
structure and try not to loose granularity but shield us a bit from
this feed based model.

We then take care of downloading this, integrating with other systems,
further processing, geocoding, etc.

There's a lot of work to do and the more we can outsource, the bettter.

On Friday ( tomorrow ) there will be the first nation-wide
announcement of our search platform and we expect lots of people to
use our services. So this is something really urgent and really,
really important for those who need it.

Ah. Volunteers are moving all this data into a Virtuoso instance that
will also have more stuff. It will be available soon at
http://opendata.cl/ so stay tuned.

We really hope we had something like DBpedia in place by now, it would
make all this much easier. But now is the time.
Guys, the tsunami casualties could have been avoided it was all about
Same goes for relief efforts. They are not optimal and this is all
about data in the end.

I know you know how valuable data is. But it is now that you can
really make your point! Triple by Triple.


Aldo Bucchi

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