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Request for "Good" Ontologies

From: Michael F Uschold <uschold@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2010 19:19:05 -0800
Message-ID: <406b38b51002161919r7c379c46yb26e38dfd3cce40d@mail.gmail.com>
To: public-lod@w3.org
*Dear* *LOD Afficianods:*
This message is about an effort you may wish to contribute to, or at least
you may be interested in knowing about it.
*WHAT: **T*he  NeOn project <http://www.neon-project.org/> is supporting an
effort to collect high quality ontologies.

I invite you to submit one or more "exemplary
to a growing catalog in the Ontology Design Patterns

Identify one or more ontologies that:

   - you have significant knowledge or experience with,
   - you regard as an excellent example of a "high quality" ontology
   See: "What is an Exemplary
   ideas about this; edit them if you wish.

Can you or any of your colleagues think of exemplary ontologies to add to
the catalog?

*WHY:  to make it easy for people to find good ontologies to draw
inspiration from and to emulate.*

* If you don't have much time, I will make it easier by talking you through
it on the phone. I'm UscholdM on Skype.*
*HOW: Quick Instructions:*

   1. Visit *Ontology Design Patterns Wiki*<http://ontologydesignpatterns.org/>
   2. Click the "*How to
register*<http://ontologydesignpatterns.org/wiki/Odp:Register>" link
   lower left of the page; follow instructions to get a login name and
   ---Or paste: http://ontologydesignpatterns.org/wiki/Odp:Register into
   your browser
   3. See: "*What is an Exemplary
   link for some criteria
   ---Or paste: h
   your browser
   4. Visit *Exemplary Ontology
Catalogue*<http://ontologydesignpatterns.org/wiki/Ontology:Main> page
   to make sure the ontology is not already there.
   ---Or paste: http://ontologydesignpatterns.org/wiki/Ontology:Main into
   your browser
   5. Click the *Su**bmit a new Exemplary Ontology* button.
   6. Fill out a form describing various aspects of the exemplary ontology.
    Key fields are:
      1. *Name *of ontology
      2. *Description (Short)*
      3. *Purpose *of the ontology
      4. *Justification *(why you think this is an exemplary ontology)
      5. *URI *of where to find the ontology
      6. *References  *One or more references to learn more.

Submissions should normally be made by champions of the ontology rather than
by the developers. This avoids perceived conflict of interest /

Thanks very much,
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