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Announcing Virtuoso Open-Source Edition v 6.1.0

From: Hugh Williams <hwilliams@openlinksw.com>
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2010 10:49:03 +0000
Message-Id: <9468FF07-9159-4531-8552-3320E3ACC8F7@openlinksw.com>
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OpenLink Software is pleased to announce the official release of Virtuoso Open-Source Edition, Version 6.1.0:

***IMPORTANT NOTE*** for up-graders from pre-6.x versions: The database file format has substantially changed between VOS 5.x and VOS 6.x. To upgrade your database, you must dump all data from the VOS 5.x database and re-load it into VOS 6.x. Complete instructions may be found here.

***IMPORTANT NOTE*** for up-graders from earlier 6.x versions: The database file format has not changed, but the introduction of a newer RDF index requires you run a script to upgrade the RDF_QUAD table. Since this can be a lengthy task and take extra disk space (up to twice the space used by the original RDF_QUAD table may be required during conversion) this is not done automatically on startup. Complete instructions may be found here.

New and updated product features include:

* Database engine
  - Added new 2+3 index scheme for RDF_QUAD table
  - Added new inlined string table for RDF_QUAD
  - Added optimizations to cost based optimizer
  - Added RoundRobin connection support
  - Removed deprecated samples/demos
  - Fixed align buffer to sizeof pointer to avoid crash on strict checking platforms like sparc
  - Fixed text of version mismatch messages
  - Fixed issue with XA exception, double rollback, transact timeout
  - Merged enhancements and fixes from V5 branch

  - Added support for owl:inverseOf, owl:SymmetricProperty, and owl:TransitiveProperty.
  - Added DB.DBA.BEST_LANGMATCH() and bif_langmatches_pct_http()
  - Added initial support for SPARQL-FED
  - Added initial support for SERVICE { ... };
  - Added support for expressions in LIMIT and OFFSET clauses
  - Added built-in predicate IsRef()
  - Added new error reporting for unsupported syntax
  - Added rdf box id only serialization; stays compatible with 5/6
  - Added support for SPARQL INSERT DATA / DELETE DATA
  - Added SPARQL 1.1 syntax sugar re. HAVING CLAUSE for filtering on GROUP BY
  - Added special code generator for optimized handling of: SPARQL SELECT DISTINCT ?g WHERE { GRAPH ?g { ?s ?p ?o } }
  - Added support for HTML+RDFa representation re. output from SPARQL CONSTRUCT and DESCRIBE queries
  - Added support for output:maxrows
  - Improved SPARQL parsing and SQL codegen for negative numbers
  - Improved recovery of lists in DB.DBA.RDF_AUDIT_METADATA()
  - Fixed iSPARQL compatibility with 3rd party SPARQL endpoints
  - Fixed bad init in trans node if multiple inputs or step output values
  - Fixed redundant trailing '>' in results of TTL load when IRIs contain special chars
  - Fixed problem with rfc1808_expand_uri not using proper macros and allocate byte extra for strings
  - Fixed when different TZ is used, find offset and transform via GMT
  - Fixed graph-level security in cluster
  - Fixed redundant equalities in case of multiple OPTIONALs with same variable
  - Fixed BOOLEAN_OF_OBJ in case of incomplete boxes
  - Fixed NTRIPLES serialization of triples
  - Merged enhancements and fixes from V5 branch

* Sponger Middleware
  - Added Extractor Cartridges mapping Zillow, O'Reilly, Amazon, Googlebase, BestBuy, CNET, and Crunchbase content to the GoodRelations Ontology.
  - Added Extractor Cartridges for Google Spreadsheet, Google Documents, Microsoft Office Docs (Excel, PowerPoint etc), OpenOffice, CSV, Text files, Disqus, Twitter, and Discogs.
  - Added Meta Cartridges covering Google Search, Yahoo! Boss, Bing, Sindice, Yelp, NYT, NPR, AlchemyAPI, Zemanta, OpenCalais, UMBEL, GetGlue, Geonames, DBpedia, Linked Open Data Cloud, BBC Linked Data Space, sameAs.org, whoisi, uclassify, RapLeaf, Journalisted, Dapper, Revyu, Zillow, BestBuy, Amazon, eBay, CNET, Discogs, and Crunchbase.

* ODS Applications
  - Added support for ckeditor
  - Added new popup calendar based on OAT
  - Added REST and Virtuoso PL based Controllers for user API
  - Added new API functions
  - Added FOAF+SSL groups
  - Added feed admin rights
  - Added Facebook registration and login
  - Removed deprecated rte and kupu editors
  - Removed support for IE 5 and 6 compatibility
  - Merged enhancements and fixes from V5 branch

Other links:

Virtuoso Open Source Edition:
   * Home Page: http://virtuoso.openlinksw.com/wiki/main/
   * Download Page:

OpenLink Data Spaces:
   * Home Page: http://virtuoso.openlinksw.com/wiki/main/Main/OdsIndex
   * SPARQL Usage Examples (re. SIOC, FOAF, AtomOWL, SKOS):

Best Regards
Hugh Williams
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