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Re: DBpedia-based entity recognition service / tool?

From: Dan Brickley <danbri@danbri.org>
Date: Tue, 2 Feb 2010 17:14:11 +0100
Message-ID: <eb19f3361002020814i2341573dgb7fb7a9dcef65bb@mail.gmail.com>
To: Georgi Kobilarov <georgi.kobilarov@gmx.de>
Cc: Matthias Samwald <samwald@gmx.at>, public-lod@w3.org
On Tue, Feb 2, 2010 at 4:47 PM, Georgi Kobilarov
<georgi.kobilarov@gmx.de> wrote:
> Hi Matthias,
> So you're asking for the perfect entity recognition service, applicable to
> the easy domain of scientific texts? Sure, I developed one in my spare time,
> it's much better than OpenCalais, I was just too lazy to publish it yet...
> ;-)

Yes please, I'll take two :)

Seriously, I think it might be time to look at having common REST APIs
for these things, so we have a more fluid marketplace where servers
can be swapped and composed. How similar are the existing interfaces?
I have no idea...

One idea I had on NoTube that is implemented experimentally in
http://lupedia.ontotext.com/ is to use RDFa as an interop point. So
one of the interfaces from the Ontotext demo there is to return RDFa
markup - http://lupedia.ontotext.com/test-page4rdfa.html ... however
this doesn't leave much scope for including confidence measures etc in
the output.


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