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Get 40k to startup your startup in Chile

From: Aldo Bucchi <aldo.bucchi@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2010 15:53:28 -0300
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Hi Guys,

I am helping the Startup-Chile program.


We will give you 40k, no strings attached, if you startup in Chile.

The networking is great and the experience itself is very innovative.
You will be benefited from being the first, which will create unusual
networking opportunities. In SF you're usually just one more guy

The project is mega-ambitious in itself and its objective is to
bootstrap a "silicon valley" / "innovation pole" here in Chile by
importing a human network and letting it blend with the local network.
This will attract talent, generate success, stories, etc.

Given that Chile is small, it has a pretty big chance of succeeding.

In contrast with other projects, they are not focusing on
infrastructure, universities, etc which is an indirect route. They are
just bringing in entrepreneurs.

You need to have a startup with an initial business model, and someone
needs to come here. I can point you to more information if you're

Think of this as a "bootstrapping paid leave in a totally new place
where your mom won't be calling you every 5 minutes". You will meet
other entrepreneurs.

Personally. I think this is a fun opportunity.

Disclaimer: I am not getting any money out of this. Most chilean
entrepreneurs are simply helping. We love the idea that we can create
a high tech sub-culture right here. And I love the fact that I am
meeting more people and ideas than I usually do in California in the
same span of time. That's the main reward.

Also. I am available to partner up if someone has a startup that's
within my are of expertise. I can contribute execution, talent, and my
head of expertise.


Aldo Bucchi
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