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Re: DBpedia endpoint vs LOD endpoint ?

From: Patrick van Kleef <pkleef@openlinksw.com>
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2010 18:07:17 +0200
To: Alexandre Passant <alexandre.passant@deri.org>
Message-Id: <6BA501BF-CB10-4916-AF25-881A38A30840@openlinksw.com>
Cc: Linked Data community <public-lod@w3.org>
Hi Alexandre,

> Running SPARQL queries on the DBpedia endpoint [1] produces  
> different results than queries on the LOD one [2] when restricting  
> to the dbpedia graph.
> Which one contains the latest datasets ?
> NB: Is there a voiD description associated to these endpoints ?
> [1] http://dbpedia.org/sparql
> [2] http://lod.openlinksw.com/sparql

Both dbpedia.org and lod.openlinksw.com contain the same DBpedia 3.5.1  
dataset, however in LOD certain datafiles are loaded in their own  
graph at this time:

  bookmashup_links.nt.gz     http://dbpedia.org/bookmashup
  dailymed_links.nt.gz       http://dbpedia.org/dailymed
  dblp_links.nt.gz           http://dbpedia.org/dblp
  diseasome_links.nt.gz      http://dbpedia.org/diseasome
  drugbank_links.nt.gz       http://dbpedia.org/drugbank
  eurostat_links.nt.gz       http://dbpedia.org/eurostat
  factbook_links.nt.gz       http://dbpedia.org/factbook
  flickr_links.nt.gz         http://dbpedia.org/flickr
  freebase_links.nt.gz       http://dbpedia.org/freebase
  geonames_links.nt.gz       http://dbpedia.org/geonames
  gutenberg_links.nt.gz      http://dbpedia.org/gutenberg
  musicbrainz_links.nt.gz    http://dbpedia.org/musicbrainz
  nyt_links.nt.gz            http://dbpedia.org/nyt
  opencyc_links.nt.gz        http://dbpedia.org/opencyc
  revyu_links.nt.gz          http://dbpedia.org/revyu
  sider_links.nt.gz          http://dbpedia.org/sider
  tcm_links.nt.gz            http://dbpedia.org/tcm
  uscensus_links.nt.gz       http://dbpedia.org/uscensus
  wikicompany_links.nt.gz    http://dbpedia.org/wikicompany
  wordnet_links.nt.gz        http://dbpedia.org/wordnet
  yago_links.nt.gz           http://dbpedia.org/yago
  yagoclasses_links.nt.gz    http://dbpedia.org/yagoclasses

All other dbpedia data files are loaded in http://dbpedia.org

Best regards,

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