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Virtuoso Open-Source Edition, Version 6.1.1 release

From: Technical Support <technical.support@openlinksw.com>
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 20:05:38 +0100
Message-Id: <518EA8E0-9886-4253-9968-08C2A9B25441@openlinksw.com>
To: public-lod@w3.org


OpenLink Software is pleased to announce the official release of 
Virtuoso Open-Source Edition, Version 6.1.1:

New product features as of March 30, 2010, V6.1.1, include:
* Database engine
  - Added wizard-based generation of SQL Tables from CSV imports
  - Added wizard-based publishing of RDF based Linked Data from CSV files
  - Added FOAF+SSL login for SQL clients
  - Added OPTIONS for HTTP server
  - Added support for setMaxRows in JDBC driver
  - Added support for JDBC hibernate
  - Added support for unzip_file ()
  - Added swap guard option
  - Fixed deadlock retry
  - Fixed memory leaks
  - Fixed mtx checks for checkpoint and log write
  - Fixed X509ClientVerify flag of 0/1/2/3 to accept self-signed or
    optional certificates
  - Fixed several issues with JDBC XA support
  - Fixed use sk_X509_ALGOR_* macros to support OpenSSL 1.0.0
  - Fixed wide character when getting procedure columns information.
  - Fixed remove id from hash before free structure
  - Fixed IN pred as iterator before index path
  - Fixed missing initialization in calculation of cost and cardinality
  - Fixed SQL codegen for NOT() retval expression
  - Updated documentation

  - Added OData cartridge for producing RDF-based Linked Data from 
    OData resource collections
  - Added CSV cartridge for producing and deploying RDF-based Linked 
    Data from CSV resource types
  - Added uStream cartridge
  - Added slidesix cartridge
  - Added optimization of sprintf_inverse(const)
  - Added improved version of xsl:for-each-row for both SPARQL and SQL
  - Added DefaultServiceMap and DefaultServiceStorage
  - Added immortal IRI for uname_virtrdf_ns_uri_DefaultServiceStorage
  - Added proper ASK support in web service endpoint
  - Fixed SPARQL 1.1 compatibility in result set syntax
  - Fixed incorrect codegen of formatter in ssg_select_known_graphs_codegen
  - Fixed do not encode default graph
  - Fixed check if datadump is gz 
  - Fixed detection of n3 and nt formats
  - Fixed regex to remove default ns from XML
  - Fixed run microformats independent of rdfa
  - Fixed bug with UTF-8 encoded strings in box
  - Fixed allow chunked content to be read as strses
  - Fixed SERVICE parameter passing for basic Federated SPARQL (SPARQL-FED)
  - Fixed (!ask(...)) in filters
  - Fixed codegen for FILTER (?local = IRI(?:global)) .
  - Fixed codegen in LIMIT ?:global-variable and OFFSET ?:global-variable
  - Fixed support for positional and named parameters from exec() or
    similar in SPARQL, as if they where global variables of other sorts
  - Fixed rewriting of group patterns with filters replaced with 
    restrictions on equivs
  - Fixed faster loading of inference sets from single and graph groups
  - Upgraded native data providers for Jena to version 2.6.2
  - Upgraded native data providers for Sesame to version 2.3.1
  - Added support for Sesame 2 HTTP repository interface
  - Added implemented Sesame's Inference Context interfaces (for 
    backward chained reasoning). 

* ODS Applications
  - Added profile page improvements covering Favorite Things, 
    GoodRelations-based Offerings (via "Seeks" and "Offers" UIs)
  - Added alternative registration and profile management pages (vsp, 
    php, and javascript variants) that work REST-fully with ODS engine 
  - Added X.509 create certificate generation and export to alternative 
    ODS profile management pages (vsp, php, and javascript)
  - Added a++ option in user's pages
  - Added updates to Certificate Ontology used by FOAF+SSL
  - Added support for Google map v3
  - Added 'Import' to user pages (vsp, php, etc.)
  - Fixed Profile Management UI quirks
  - Fixed SIOC subscriptions
  - Fixed object properties in favorites
  - Fixed ontology APIs
  - Fixed use newer OAT functions
  - Fixed invitation problem with multiple users
  - Fixed typo in scovo:dimension
  - Fixed image preview

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