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Re: LDOW2009 Workshop now publishing Linked Data (was Re: Linked Data on the Web (LDOW2009) workshop papers online.)

From: Daniel Schwabe <dschwabe@inf.puc-rio.br>
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2009 17:31:12 -0300
Message-ID: <49C2AB90.3090405@inf.puc-rio.br>
To: Knud Hinnerk Möller <knud.moeller@deri.org>
CC: Tom Heath <Tom.Heath@talis.com>, public-lod@w3.org
Hi all,
the wonders of the Internet, I spend a day out of the office, and when I 
come back there is a whole thread of discussions with follow-up actions 
for me...

It is the goal of IW3C2 to have all the future WWW proceedings available 
with both metadata AND DATA at the Dofgfood server. I will talk to 
Wolfgang and Yoelle to have them produce the XML dump.
I have also made a note to discuss this with IW3C2 to make this a 
standard procedure for future conferences.
As Knud already pointed out, LDOW should be able to add to it, either 
directly or distributed.

Regarding Giovanni's remarks about decentralization, while the logical 
model should allow distributed serving of data, the specific issue with 
respect to WWW data is that there is no other server where it would 
reside; the Dogfood server is a long-range commitment to making this 
data available, regardless of other copies around. In principle, while 
small modifications may happen, it will be mostly static data that once 
published will not change, or change very very little.
As far as LDOW is concerned, I see the same problem - do we have any 
guarantees that there will be at least ONE copy ALWAYS available? 
Putting it in the Dogfood server increases the probability of this being 
true much nearer to 1. With respect to the automatic generation of XML, 
I have tried to contact the author/owner of EasyChair with the 
proposition of making the XML dump available to all conferences, and not 
just premium ones, with the bonus that this data would become publicly 
available to a much wider audience through RDF publishing a la Dogfood. 
This could become a selling point for them. I had one reply stating tha 
he would consider it, but never heard from him again...
So, I believe LDOW is not a premium account in EasyChair; I think only 
the main research track is. I can try to argue that  the premium status 
for the research track should be extended to all workshops, but this 
make take a while. In the meantime, don't count on having an XML dump 
for it.


Knud Hinnerk Möller wrote:
> ...
> I just asked Daniel Schwabe if he knew if we could repeat the process 
> from last year (take EasyChair data, convert with our script) for the 
> main conference data. Let's see what comes out of that. I don't know 
> anything about the workshops, though. I'd say there are three 
> possibilities at the moment (in increasing order of effort involved):
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