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SPARQL Endpoints in Knoodl

From: Mike Lang Jr. <mikelangjr@revelytix.com>
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2009 16:54:51 -0500
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Cc: Dad <michaelalang@gmail.com>, Greg Milbank <gregmilbank@revelytix.com>, Mike Lofquist <mlofquist@revelytix.com>

We have recently deployed a new version of Knoodl <http://www.knoodl.com> with
a significant piece of added functionality - every Vocabulary
(ontology/knowledgebase) in Knoodl can now be exposed as a SPARQL endpoint,
with full support for Knoodl's role-based permissions model.

For those not familiar with the tool, Knoodl facilitates community-oriented
development of OWL based ontologies and RDF knowledgebases.  It is hosted in
the Amazon Cloud (EC2) and is available for free.  This additional feature
means that it is now possible to upload an ontology or dataset and
immediately make it available to other tools via SPARQL.  This effectively
makes Knoodl a semantic technology platform, enabling communities to build
their own semantic applications using their ontologies and knowledgebases.
 Knoodl also exposes its functionality as JAVA services if
a programmatic interface is preferred.

Knoodl's capabilities include:

   - Ontology editing
   - Ontology import/export
   - Collaboration (WIKI)
   - Role-based security
   - Scalable RDF store (Mulgara <http://www.mulgara.org/>)
   - SPARQL Endpoints
   - Ontology guided search (March '09)
   - Graphical ontology mapping wizard (March '09)
   - SPARQL query wizard (July '09)
   - User designed widgets and gadgets for viewing data (July '09)
   - User designed widgets and gadgets for entering data and submitting
   queries (July '09)

If you have any inquiries about the new release or the tool in general,
please do not hesitate to contact me directly or email info@revelytix.com .

Thank you,

Michael Lang Jr.
Revelytix, Inc. <http://www.revelytix.com>

phone: 410-584-0009 (office)
          443-928-3782 (cell)
skype: michael.allen.lang.jr
aim: MikeJrRevelytix
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