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Re: OpenLibrary API RDF wrapper on Google App Engine

From: Thomas FRANCART <thomas.francart@mondeca.com>
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2009 17:49:07 +0100
Message-ID: <2d799a410901070849t160da7bdh22054dc95bdef23a@mail.gmail.com>
To: "Richard Cyganiak" <richard@cyganiak.de>
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> richard@cygri-2:~$ curl -i http://olrdf.appspot.com/isbn/0316010669
> HTTP/1.1 303 See Other
> {'status': 'ok', 'result': ['/b/OL9835570M']}
> Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8
> Is the curly-bracket line intentionally there? I think this isn't a valid
> HTTP response. None of the HTTP clients I tried choked on it, but I still
> doubt it's valid.

Oups, this was actually a debug statement that remained hidden in the code.
I did not see it because it was printed in the headers. It is fixed.

> You overload your URIs by using the same URI for an RDF web page and for a
> book. For example, is http://olrdf.appspot.com/key/b/OL9835570M a web page
> or a book? It returns content with a HTTP 200 OK status code, so evidently
> it's a web page. But then in the RDF you say it's a book. So you use the
> same URI for two different things. You can fix this by using something like
> ...OL9835570M#it or ...OL9835570M#book for the book, so these hash URIs
> should appear in rdf:about="...".

Hmmm, I understand. In my mind
http://olrdf.appspot.com/key/b/OL9835570Mrefers to the book. So I
think that
http://olrdf.appspot.com/key/b/OL9835570M should forward to
http://openlibrary.org/b/OL9835570M depending on content negociation. I'll
look into that.

> Fixing the above would also allow you to distinguish between data about the
> books, and metadata about their OpenLibrary records. For example, let's
> consider the RDF pages for authors. In your data, authors have ol:revision
> and dcterms:modified properties. These are not properties of the author, but
> rather of the RDF page that describes the author. Thus the subject should be
> .../key/a/OL1398754A for these properties, and /key/a/OL1398754A#author for
> things like ol:personal_name and ol:birth_date. If you want to get fancy,
> include a triple: a/OL1398754A foaf:primaryTopic a/OL1398754A#author.

Understood. I'll look into that too.

> It would be useful to link back to their books in an author's RDF
> description. (Assuming the OpenLibrary API provides that information -- I
> didn't check.)

This requires an extra query but it is feasible.

> Dates (dcterms:issued, dcterms:modified) should be provided in xsd:date or
> xsd:dateTime format, and they should be marked as such using rdf:datatype.


> Instead of creating properties in the wrapper namespace, you could create
> them at OpenVocab (http://open.vocab.org). This is a Wiki-style vocabulary
> hosting service, so anyone could edit your creations, but at the same time
> it allows you to create nice formal descriptions of your terms with very
> little effort.

Great idea, thanks for the pointer;

Thanks for your feedback

> All the best,
> Richard

Thomas Francart
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> On 5 Jan 2009, at 13:21, Thomas FRANCART wrote:
>  Hi
>> I have written a wrapper to expose openlibrary.org api data as RDF. It is
>> written in Python and deployed on google app engine.
>> You can reach it at these URL :
>>  - http://olrdf.appspot.com/key/b/OL5218098M.rdf (replace the key with
>> any
>> openlibrary item key)
>>  - http://olrdf.appspot.com/isbn/2070394433.rdf (replace the ISBN with
>> any
>> isbn10 or isbn13 value)
>> You can read more about this wrapper here :
>> http://mondeca.wordpress.com/2009/01/05/openlibrary-api-rdf-wrapper-on-google-app-engine/
>> Please let me know if you have any feedback on this; I would be more than
>> happy to provide the python code to anyone interested, especially the
>> folks
>> at OpenLibrary if they want to host it.
>> Best,
>> Thomas
>> Thomas Francart
>> CTO
>> Mondeca
>> 3, citÚ Nollez 75018 Paris France <thomas.francart@mondeca.com>
>> Website: www.mondeca.com
>> Blog: Lešons de choses <http://mondeca.wordpress.com>
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