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Re: [ol-discuss] OpenLibrary API RDF wrapper on Google App Engine

From: Thomas FRANCART <thomas.francart@mondeca.com>
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2009 20:30:26 +0100
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To: "Rob Styles" <rob.styles@talis.com>
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2009/1/5 Rob Styles <rob.styles@talis.com>

> Thomas,
> This is very interesting. I've spent some time looking at the OL data and
> transforming it into RDF also.

Thanks for your feedback.

> Have you spent any time trying to provide more links within the data,
> rather than out to other data sets?

No. The links within the data are the ones provided directly in the JSON :
  - link to authors
  - link to languages

I think it could be interesting to try to automatically lookup the editions
with the same title in the data, so as to create links between different
editions of the same book. Is that what you had in mind ?

> Also, in the example you gave,
> http://olrdf.appspot.com/key/b/OL5218098M.rdf you have a contributor that
> looks a little odd:
>        <rdf:Description rdf:about="Weisgard, Leonard, 1916- illus."/>
> Is this because OL doesn't provide URIs for the illustrators? If so,
> perhaps it should be a blank node:
>        <bibo:contributorList rdf:parseType="Collection">
>                <foaf:Person>
>                        <foaf:name>Weisgard, Leonard, 1916-
> illus.</foaf:name>
>                </foaf:Person>
>        </bibo:contributorList>

Of course you are right. Thanks for spotting this, it is fixed and a blank
node is generated as you suggest (without the foaf type and property
however, simply with a rdfs:label).

> This is a great start. Is OL planning to integrate your work into the OL
> interface?

I was in touch with them a few month ago when I started to think on this.
Integrating this in the OL interface has not been discussed yet, but as I
mentionned I will be pleased to do so and improve it over time (Anand, if
you wish we can discuss this).


> rob
> On 5 Jan 2009, at 13:21, Thomas FRANCART wrote:
>  Hi
>> I have written a wrapper to expose openlibrary.org api data as RDF. It is
>> written in Python and deployed on google app engine.
>> You can reach it at these URL :
>>  - http://olrdf.appspot.com/key/b/OL5218098M.rdf (replace the key with
>> any openlibrary item key)
>>  - http://olrdf.appspot.com/isbn/2070394433.rdf (replace the ISBN with
>> any isbn10 or isbn13 value)
>> You can read more about this wrapper here :
>> http://mondeca.wordpress.com/2009/01/05/openlibrary-api-rdf-wrapper-on-google-app-engine/
>> Please let me know if you have any feedback on this; I would be more than
>> happy to provide the python code to anyone interested, especially the folks
>> at OpenLibrary if they want to host it.
>> Best,
>> Thomas
>> Thomas Francart
>> CTO
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>> Website: www.mondeca.com
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