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Re: ESWC 2008 Linked Data Playground

From: Ted Thibodeau Jr <tthibodeau@openlinksw.com>
Date: Thu, 29 May 2008 13:38:39 -0400
To: public-lod@w3.org
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* Kingsley Idehen [2008/05/29 01:00 PM -0400] wrote:
** David Huynh wrote:
>> BTW, Semtech 2008 has a cool Exhibit-backed event browser:
>>    http://www.semantic-conference.com/scheduler/
>> Maybe future *SWC conferences would have use for the same service.
> Yes, and they should be encouraged to point back to the RDF data
> sources as suggested.
> As you can imagine, I wasn't able to derive my Semantic Web Events
> Calendar from the Semantic Technologies conference with as much ease
> as I desired. I eventually did the following:
> 1. Had someone get iCal for the entire event, which I imported into
>    iCalendar for Mac OS X

This iCal download was my task ... and it was rather painful, as you
can see by my comments on the Scheduler page.

Some time since then, they added linkage to the RDF [1].  I wish they
had done so in the first place and/or notified me directly when they
did (I did include contact info in my comment).

Not that it matters in the end, as the OpenLink RDF Browsers [2] [3] and
the SIOC browser [4] all choke on it ... because it's invalid RDF [5].

   FatalError: The value of attribute "rdf:resource" associated with
   an element type "d:description-full" must not contain the '<'
   character.[Line = 27, Column = 318]

But it's at least a nod in the right direction.

Be seeing you,


[1] 'http://www.semantic-conference.com/scheduler/sessions.rdf'

(Please let me know if your mail client has trouble with the URLs above,
wrapped in single-quotes.  In my testing, some Windows clients don't do
the right thing with angle-bracket wrapped URLs, but they and all other
clients tested do handle single-quote wrapping.)

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