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Re: Linked data music mashup

From: Kingsley Idehen <kidehen@openlinksw.com>
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2008 09:48:04 -0400
Message-ID: <4811E114.8020001@openlinksw.com>
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Yves Raimond wrote:
> Hello!
> I just put online (on a more "stable" server :-) ) the music
> linked-data mashup I presented a bit on Tuesday (yes, just before the
> server crashed :-) ).
> Here it is:
> http://dbtune.org:3050/facet
> Click on "map", and then on "MusicArtist" to plot all the artists on a map.
> The UI is using ClioPatria [1] with a minimal amount of configuration
> (basically, just a bit of rdf linking the class URIs in my store to
> URIs that ClioPatria knows how to handle).
> This is powered by linked data (mainly coming from the top left of the
> "cloud") describing a Creative Commons subset of my collection (mainly
> Jamendo artists - Jamendo is great :-) ), so that you can access the
> actual audio, xspf playlists, bittorrent files etc.
> To access the audio, you can click on a particular point on the map,
> follow the foaf:made link, follow the mo:available_as link (if you
> click on "all" you directly access a XSPF orM3U playlist).
> You can also search the collection by going to "local view".
> Let me know if it crashes again :-)
> Cheers!
> y
> [1] http://e-culture.multimedian.nl/software/ClioPatria.shtml

It will crash again if you insist on calling this a "Mash-up" when in 
fact it is a "Mesh-up" :-)

LOD enables the production Data Meshes exposed via Web Pages that expose 
the Data behind the Mesh. Mash-ups on the other hand, expose the code 
used to perform the brute-force mashing of unstructured data which 
ultimately has limited value i.e. multiple views of the same data isn't 
easily achievable since application logic still holds the data captive :-)

I am back in the U.S.

It was great to meet you in person!

Safe journey back to the UK!



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