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RE: Developing LinkedData.org

From: Tom Heath <Tom.Heath@talis.com>
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2008 11:27:35 +0100
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To: "David Peterson" <david@squishyfish.com>, <kidehen@openlinksw.com>
Cc: <public-lod@w3.org>

Hi David,

Great response - I think I agree 100% :)

Off the bat, perhaps one approach would be to find a friendly community
(in an related or unrelated domain - say, some scientists perhaps ;) who
we could support by running a Drupal installation for them and helping
to LOD this, learning and documenting the lessons along the way...?




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> From: David Peterson [mailto:david@squishyfish.com] 
> Sent: 18 April 2008 03:09
> To: Tom Heath; kidehen@openlinksw.com
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> Subject: RE: Developing LinkedData.org
> Tom Heath wrote:
> > The great thing about being a group with collectively many 
> technical 
> > skills is that we can make stuff happen :) However, I'd 
> urge a little 
> > bit of caution here... If there is a clear identified need 
> for Drupal 
> > at this stage then let's go for it. On the other hand I 
> think it would 
> > be a shame to introduce another system into the equation if 
> it risks 
> > not getting much uptake at this stage. My gut feeling is to walk 
> > before we run, and concentrate our efforts on the wiki for the time 
> > being. What do others think?
> I agree, my suggestion for Drupal was not so much to make it 
> "yet-another-system" to put content into, but rather use it 
> as a technology demonstration of linked data in a *hugely* 
> popular CMS system.
> I think having a best-practice, LOD enabled Drupal system 
> configured and more importantly, talked about is very 
> important. Hell, I would love to have a best-practice, LOD 
> enabled Drupal system as well!
> It would be great if a NON semantic web geek could:
> 1. look at a running Drupal LOD system
> 2. play with some LOD mashups/meshups
> 3. be *convinced* that this is something of benefit for them 
> 4. read some docs on LinkedData.org that take them step by 
> step to take their already running Drupal system and LOD it.
> 5. publish their effort/story as a blog post, link it with 
> triply's registry [1]
> Very few people understand this stuff well (I can be a bit 
> fuzzy sometimes).
> Having a tuned beast by the LOD crew itself and the write-up, 
> blogs posts on how it was done will be invaluable. 
> Triplify [2] is one way to do this to existing installs. They 
> are reaching out to the community. Let's help them by 
> bringing the best LOD brains to bear but with the 
> "real-world" web developer in mind. I know there are other 
> ways of LOD-ing, but this one is the easiest, just drop in 4 
> PHP files and done -- well basically :)
> I would be happy to assist with the write-up and blog posts 
> for step 4 above. Step 2 and 3 are IMHO the most important 
> and I again would be happy to assist, but need to draw on 
> more resources!
> Once this is done with Drupal it could flow onto other 
> popular Open Source web system: Joomla, Wordpress, etc. 
> Cheers,
> David Peterson
> [1] http://triplify.org/Registry
> [2] http://triplify.org/Overview
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