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Fwd: Developing LinkedData.org

From: Sergey Chernyshev <lodlist.w3c.org@antispam.sergeychernyshev.com>
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2008 17:50:02 -0400
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To: "public-lod@w3.org" <public-lod@w3.org>

Indeed it's a good news, using more tools is a great idea and "planet" thing
is very useful.

I'll be happy to help with MediaWiki stuff and even Semantic MediaWiki. I'm
running this combination on http://www.techpresentations.org and
http://www.ardorado.com/ and will be happy to open a (separate) discussion
on how LOD project can use it.

I think, there is one important thing to keep in mind - proper delegation of
credibility and trust from ESW wiki project (that has some of W3C's fame
being hosted there) to this new (from user's perspective) site. It's
important not to loose this connection to be seen as a SemWeb driving force.
Being new member of the community this is what I feel.

Hope this "sensory" experience is helpful ;)


Sergey Chernyshev

On Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 7:00 AM, Tom Heath <Tom.Heath@talis.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Last year, as it was clear that the Linked Data meme was spreading, I
> registered the domain linkeddata.org in order to be sure that it was in
> safe hands within the community. Since that time I have made a few
> efforts to place some meaningful links at the domain in the hope that
> they will be useful, but haven't had the time to do more with it except
> set up subdomains to use for events and the new community.linkeddata.org
> area.
> Mike Bergman recently pointed out that with the momentum behind Linked
> Data growing all the time it's becoming increasingly important that we
> use this domain effectively as a focal point for the community, a home
> for useful resources, and a marketing tool to help encourage the spread
> of Linked Data.
> I'm happy to continue administering the domain on behalf of the
> community, and Mike and I have had some initial ideas about how we as a
> community may use the domain, but as active members of the Linked Data
> community we would really value your comments/suggestions/input about
> how we might move this forward. This email is intended to be the start
> of a dialogue on this topic.
> The kind of ideas/structure we came up with breaks down in the following
> way:
> 1) (fairly) Static content: such as information about Linked Data; links
> to key resources endorsed by the community; badges people could use on
> their own sites to promote their support for/publication of Linked Data;
> the "cloud" diagram, if Richard is in favour of moving or mirroring
> this.
> 2) Planet Linked Data: blog aggregator on the subject of Linked Data, in
> the style of PlanetRDF (with strong cross links to the Linked Data
> Planet conference, to avoid confusion!)
> 3) Community editable content: using the community.linkeddata.org area,
> this could link to a broader range of resources, datasets and sites,
> tools, best practices, projects, publications, etc etc, plus any other
> aspects that people might wish to use from the ODS installation. I don't
> know how others feel, but I for one feel that we're outgrowing the space
> on the ESW wiki and would benefit to moving this somewhere with more
> room for expansion.
> With content in all these areas, the home page at linkeddata.org could
> simply be pointers to other locations, plus fresh content from the
> Planet and the wiki.
> Whatever we decide to offer at linkeddata.org in general, it would be
> essential that we distribute the authoring and maintenance load among a
> number of people, so that a) no one person becomes a bottleneck, and b)
> that the site is well rooted in the community at large.
> It's worth noting that Mike has raised the possibility of Zitgist
> contributing some resources to this effort, perhaps to help with design
> work or other skills that we don't necessarily have in great abundance
> between us ;) Some support from Talis is also a possibility.
> So, that's the background. Please be free, open and honest with comments
> and feedback, on any aspect of this issue. My hope is that we can come
> up with a rough proposal asap, hopefully in enough time to make some
> kind of announcement at LDOW2008 in Beijing.
> Very much looking forward to hearing your thoughts,
> Cheers,
> Tom.
> --
> Tom Heath
> Researcher
> Platform Team
> Talis Information Ltd
> T: 0870 400 5000
> W: http://www.talis.com/platform
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