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Re: W3C Library Linked Data Group final report into Spanish

From: Tomas Saorin (Universidad de Murcia) <tsp@um.es>
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2011 11:48:18 +0100
Message-ID: <CA+KCfg6TnMFF0MpXbBkECjMbrSqZmSxcoCBHu2iK3H4_OyQ4XA@mail.gmail.com>
To: Daniel Vila <dvila@delicias.dia.fi.upm.es>
Cc: public-lld@w3.org
As far a I know also UPV research group on open access repositories
(Fernanda Peset, Toñi Ferrer, etc.) is interested in collaborate in a
swift traslation.

Then we are:

   - OEG UPM (Daniel Vila) > Use Cases
   - Xavier Agenjo y Francisca Hernández (Digibis)
   - Tomás Saorín y Juan Antonio Pastor (Univ. Murcia)
   - Fernanda Peset, Toñi Ferrer (UP Valencia)
   - is there anyone else out there?

How about use a temporary wikibook split in three documents (Main report;
Use Cases; Value vocabularies and Datasets)
 http://es.wikibooks.org/wiki/Portada of if you prefer we can set up a
docuwiki online space in any os our servers to accomplish this task.

There we may use de discussion page to organize workgroup.


Tomás Saorín; Juan Antonio Pastor

2011/10/31 Daniel Vila <dvila@delicias.dia.fi.upm.es>

> Hi all,
> We, the Ontology Engineering Group, would like to collaborate in the
> translations efforts. In fact, we had already started to organize the
> translation into spanish of the Use Cases report, so I would propose that
> we take care of the translation of the UC report. Additionally, we could
> collaborate in the translation of the final report and the other side
> report.
> Maybe we could organize the work in a separate thread or even have a call
> to work on the details.
> Kind regards,
> Daniel
> 2011/10/27 Tomas Saorin (Universidad de Murcia) <tsp@um.es>
>  Great idea Xavier!
>> If you need some help, we are also interested, and perhaps it could be
>> adressed as an electronic publication, open access,  of any of the
>> professional associations (Fed. Anabad, Fesabid, etc.) or any other kind of
>> institution.
>> The report contains three different documents, so it could be easy
>> working in three different groups, trying to agree on translation of key
>> terms.
>> Maybe some kind of wiki translation as a work in progress, and don't
>> have to wait  a long time until a totally accurate work is done and
>> formally published.
>> Is there any other group interested?
>> Tomás Saorín and Juan Antonio Pastor
>> Grupo de investigación en tecnologías de la información. Universidad de
>> Murcia
>> tsp@um.es / pastor@um.es
>> 2011/10/27 Xavier Agenjo <xavier.agenjo@larramendi.es>
>>> Dear all
>>> First at all, let me congratulate the LLD Incubator Group for the good
>>> work done and the publication of the Final Report. In fact, I think the
>>> Report is so important that it is worth to translate it to Spanish. I have
>>> consulted somebody of the Group and have advised me to address to the list
>>> to inform of our interest in translating the Report into Spanish. I would
>>> do with Francisca Hernandez on a personal basis.
>>> In our opinion Linked Open Data will have, must have, a great influence
>>> on the work of LAM, but it is not an easy matter and for many professionals
>>> would be a great help to have important documents such as the Final Report
>>> in their own language. Undoubtedly, it help to spread the knowledge and use
>>> of LOD.
>>> This message is also to seek the cooperation of any member of the list
>>> interested in helping with the translation or with the revision.
>>> We hope your news
>>> Regards
>>> Xavier Agenjo Bullón
>>> Director de Proyectos
>>> Fundación Ignacio Larramendi
>>> Claudio Coello, 123, 1º
>>> 28006 Madrid
>>> Telf.: (34) 915 81 25 37
>>> Fax.:  (34) 915 81 47 36
>>> xavier.agenjo@larramendi.es
>>> www.larramendi.es
>>> Certificado ISO 9001.
>>>  P No imprimir si no es necesario. Protejamos el Medio Ambiente
>> --
>> ___
>> Tomás Saorín / Profesor asociado / Facultad de Comunicación y
>> Documentación.
>> Universidad de Murcia / 868 88 82 32 / tsp@um.es


Tomás Saorín / Profesor asociado / Facultad de Comunicación y
Universidad de Murcia / 868 88 82 32 / tsp@um.es
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