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Re: Web Services on LLD

From: Richard Light <richard@light.demon.co.uk>
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2011 10:26:04 +0000
Message-ID: <zQSeBVH8cKeNFwZB@light.demon.co.uk>
To: Neubert Joachim <J.Neubert@zbw.eu>
Cc: public-lld@w3.org
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Neubert Joachim <J.Neubert@zbw.eu> writes
>We'd like to mark completion of our action item, recorded in
>, to look into and say more about LLD Web Services.
>We've put together a little text that we hope outlines the *why*, gives a few
>examples of such services, and proposes a possible path ahead (or two)
>for LLD web services. Should the premise be accepted by the group, we
>hope this format will make the work of integrating it into the larger
>deliverable smoother and easier.
>Naturally, your comments, thoughts, and suggestions are most welcome.
>If the group wishes to more forcefully endorse the second "proposal" - a
>codification of a core set of library linked data web services - we'd want to
>tweak the last sentence (providing of course, the group would like the
>proposal to even remain).
>It is available at:

I would suggest that you mention the Linked Data API [1] as one 
potential model for such web services. While it was developed in order 
to provide an alternative, developer-friendly interface to triple stores 
which would often already have a SPARQL end-point, it is also of value 
in its own right as a generic RESTful API design.

 From a user's perspective, it is of no interest what lies behind the API 
interface - whether a triple store or an entirely different database 
technology - so long as asking the same question causes the same answer 
to be returned.  So it could be a mechanism for harmonising access to 
triple stores and other data being presented as Linked Data.

 From the user's PoV, the approach of having to deal with a unique 
interface, and data format, for each Web Service (as per the examples 
you cite) doesn't really scale beyond accessing a handful of such 


[1] http://code.google.com/p/linked-data-api/
Richard Light
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