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From: Cory Rockliff <rockliff@bgc.bard.edu>
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2010 15:22:50 -0400
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 From the SKOS Primer:

"Rather than commit to a design pattern that has not been proven useful, 
the Semantic Web Deployment Group decided to postpone the issue of 
coordination, to allow extension patterns to organically emerge as SKOS 
is deployed. The hope is that as successful patterns are established, 
they can be published on the Web as an extension vocabulary to SKOS and 
documented as a W3C Note or some equivalent."

Have there been any recent developments in this area? Can anyone point 
me to research or implementations around the question of subject 
pre-coordination in a linked data context? It seems to me that this is 
still the elephant in the room when it comes to dealing with LCSH in a 
meaningful way.

Of particular interest to me is the question of how to express 
one-to-many or many-to-many matches between SKOS concepts. So, e.g., 
mapping between pre-coordinated LCSH and post-coordinated AAT & TGN:

LCSH topical "gilt furniture" = AAT Activities "gilt" + AAT Objects 
LCSH topical "Leatherwork--Alaska" = LCSH topical "Leatherwork" + NAF 
"Alaska" = AAT Activities "leatherworking" + TGN "Alaska"



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