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RE: Incubate best practices

From: Houghton,Andrew <houghtoa@oclc.org>
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2010 13:43:13 -0400
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> Subject: Incubate best practices
> LLD'rs
> Since library data has some common patterns, it seems like one project
> to incubate would be the creation of examples of how to present those
> patterns in linked data, and some best practices for "linked data
> friendly" output from traditional library data. This would save
> everyone a lot of time in developing linked data for libraries, and
> would probably have the result of bringing more consistency overall.
> As an example, there could be a best practice for the description of
> personal names and name variants, a topic that has come up recently on
> the foaf list. This is a pretty complex problem, and it would be a
> shame to have to solve it multiple times in different projects, with
> different results.

I would think one would need to provide "best practice" on an ontology
by ontology basis.  Using your example, FOAF is one ontology for
describing personal names (foaf:Person), organizations (foaf:Organization),
families (foaf:Group), etc.  SKOS is another ontology to describe these
same concepts.  There probably are others, as well.  I don't think that
its an either or situation, e.g., you should use this or that ontology.
Each ontology has it own community of use and it's useful to target
library data at specific communities.

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