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Re: Modelling library, catalogue, record, and item

From: Jodi Schneider <jodi.schneider@deri.org>
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2010 12:13:03 +0000
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To: Jakob Voss <jakob.voss@GBV.DE>

On 14 Dec 2010, at 07:46, Jakob Voss wrote:

> Barbara Tillett wrote:
>> We could also view this with our FRBR glasses on as the things
>> (resources, objects, persons, corporate bodies, families) in our
>> bibliographic universe (whether at a particular collection or library
>> or just available from a creator, publisher, manufacturer, etc.) and
>> the data describing those things (the records and catalogs of
>> attributes and relationships).
> I also looked at FRBR, but it does not help a lot. I can reuse
> frbr:CorporateBody (but also foaf:Organization) and frbr:Concept (but also skos:Concept). Other FRBR classes and properties (frbr:Endeavour, frbr:Work, frbr:Item etc.) require some more analysis of our data.
>> Can't we do better to describe these for the future rather than
>> trying to replicate the catalog and record structures of the past?
>> Those are a big part of our problem just now in trying to break away
>> to a future that enables re-use and sharing/linking of data where
>> there are relationships.
> Sure we should not just put fields of catalog-records into RDF properties, but do some more sophisticated mapping. But I think the "catalog and record structure" is fine, unless you don't understand it as listing of holdings only. In my understanding there is no difference between a catalog and a bibliography

Sure, it's mainly a difference of focus, I think:

A bibliography probably has a coherent subject focus (references for a paper, study of a discipline, ...), a catalog probably is associated with a collection (possibly of an institution or individual).

Annotated bibliographies are more common than annotated catalogs (which sometimes exist in an archival context).


> - but this distinction between library science and documentation (now information science) has a loooong history.
> Jakob
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