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issue-13 amended proposal

From: Steve Battle <steve.battle@sysemia.co.uk>
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2013 17:32:46 -0000
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As it was me who vetoed closing issue-13 at the F2F, I think the onus is on
me to come up with a revised proposal.

The last (vetoed) proposal was as follows:

“Close the remainder of ISSUE-13 by saying that servers may refuse to
update inlined members through PUT/PATCH to a container.”

My objection is that by referring to ‘inlined members’ this may be
misinterpreted as applying to triples *from the container* with subject, s,
where the LDPR  identified by s is inlined in the response to GET. In other
words, It doesn’t make a clear enough distinction between updating s, and
updating statements about s. The possibility of such triples are, I think,
required by section 5.2.1 “A Linked Data Platform Container MUST also be a
conformant Linked Data Platform Resource.” Rightly so – I would like to
have user-managed metadata in my containers. I should be allowed to use
PUT/PATCH to update statements about inlined members, within the container.

A simple amendment to the above proposal clarifies this by clarifying that
we really are talking only  about the content of these inlined LDPRs,
rather than any statement about them.

 “Close the remainder of ISSUE-13 by saying that servers may refuse to
update the content of an inlined LDPR through PUT/PATCH to a container.”



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