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initial draft of "URI Template Descriptions"

From: Wilde, Erik <Erik.Wilde@emc.com>
Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2012 13:10:45 -0500
To: Linked Data Platform Working Group <public-ldp-wg@w3.org>
Message-ID: <CCE8C2A5.C4AD%erik.wilde@emc.com>
hello all.

i just submitted an initial draft of "URI Template Descriptions" as
draft-wilde-template-desc-00. however, it seems that there currently is a
bit of delay before submissions become actually visible, so in the
meantime i'd like to announce the draft on this list, and start gathering
feedback. i'll send a brief note once the draft is available through the
official IETF channels.

this is based on XML right now, but LDP will need something like this to
properly publish URI Templates. for those of you who want to look further
into how to make the LDP service surface available in a RESTful way, this
might be an useful thing to look at.

all of this is still work in progress, but i thought it would be great to
get community feedback early on. at
https://github.com/dret/I-D/tree/master/template-desc you can find the
document sources, as well as a schema (yes, it's XSD) td-00.xsd and a
simple sample description document td-paging-00.xml. since this is meant
to be for describing and documentation, td-00.xslt is a simple XSLT that
can be used to generate a simple HTML version of the description.
td-paging-00.xml links to this stylesheet, and XSLT-capable browsers will
render the HTML client-side. but you can also simply look at
td-paging-00.html for the static HTML version.

for now, i'd be interested in feedback about the idea as a whole, as well
as about features/capabilities you'd like to see added, if you are
considering this to be something that could be useful for you.
implementation-wise, i'd like to add URI Template support to the code (but
then it needs to be XSLT 2.0 and stops working client-side), so that it
would be possible to parse the URI Template, and match variables in it
against variables in the description.

thanks and cheers,

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