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Re: [iri] #127: mailing list review: optional or mandatory?

From: Alexey Melnikov <alexey.melnikov@isode.com>
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2012 18:47:54 +0100
Message-ID: <500453CA.2060301@isode.com>
To: Dave Thaler <dthaler@microsoft.com>
CC: "public-iri@w3.org" <public-iri@w3.org>
On 12/07/2012 19:04, Dave Thaler wrote:
> With the review, the process is currently specified to be 6 weeks for
> a registration (allow up to 4 weeks for list discussion at least for
> Permanent [Provisional is unspecified], then
> the IANA/designated expert has a 2-week timeout) assuming the
> requester and IANA both do their steps without noticeable delay.
> That's a long time for someone who today simply doesn't follow the
> process and squats on a value.   So if we want to discourage that behavior
> we have to make sure it's lightweight.
> I'd recommend that mailing list review is mandatory for Permanent
> and optional for Provisional registrations.
Making them optional or very short would work for me.
> Rationale...
> Regarding Larry's statement
>>>    I think we should just go with Expert Review, since Expert Review allows
>>>    the expert to ask for a mailing list review if there are any questions.
> Keep in mind there's the rule that:
>>    6.  Unless Expert Review has explicitly rejected the registration
>>        request within two weeks, IANA should automatically add the
>>        registration in the 'provisional' registry.
> So it's true that the expert can ask for a mailing list review, but unless
> the expert explicitly rejects it within two weeks, a provisional registration
> has to be granted.  So the mailing list review would have to be less
> than two weeks.   That's not unreasonable give that the mailing list
> review text says:
>> Four weeks is reasonable for a permanent registration requests.
> But has no text about what's reasonable for provisional requests.
> So if we agree that <2 weeks is reasonable for provisional, then
> it can be optional and triggered by the expert as needed as Larry suggests.
> But unless you change the timeouts, it has to be mandatory for
> Permanent since you can't fit 4 weeks of review into a 2 week timeout.
> -Dave
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