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Re: [iri] #27: do we need to say anything special about ZWNJ and ZWJ?

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Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2011 23:24:58 -0000
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#27: do we need to say anything special about ZWNJ and ZWJ?

Comment (by duerst@…):

 ZWNJ is Zero Width Non-Joiner, preventing ligatures and similar stuff. ZWJ
 is Zero Width Joiner, suggesting or forcing ligatures. They are invisible
 in many contexts, but are important in Persian (Farsi) and some Indic
 languages (Malayalam,...).

 IDNA 2003 removed them, but IDNA 2008 allows them based on context and
 with the expectation that registries will be careful about allowing them
 only in those circumstances where they really make a difference.

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