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Re: [bidi] Special ordering for BIDI URLs

From: Slim Amamou <slim@alixsys.com>
Date: Fri, 28 May 2010 10:35:37 +0100
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To: Ted Hardie <ted.ietf@gmail.com>
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On Thu, May 27, 2010 at 11:54 PM, Ted Hardie <ted.ietf@gmail.com> wrote:

> (...)
> I'm trying to understand what this would mean for domain name registration.
>  If
> a registrant wishes to register some string that is commonly RTL, does
> this mean
> they register it in RTL order but expect it to be display in LTR
> inside IRI contexts?
> Or do they register it in LTR order, since LTR order is what the URI
> will display?
> If it is truly bidirectiona; (because it contains both Hindu-Arabic
> numerals and
> RTL characters within a label), what do we expect to be registered?
This is strictly a UI issue. If the registrars zone management UI allows for
inputting more than one label by freehand typing, it should reorder the
labels as to have them displayed the way you inputted them.
FWIW when I discussed this issue with Vint Cerf at IDNA he said basically
that zone management UIs should not allow for inputting more than one
subdomain at once (ie. forbid the dot '.' ). Which makes sense : it's
important that registrars UI interactions reflect the hierarchical structure
of DNS to be consistent.

Slim Amamou | سليم عمامو
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