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Re: IESG discuss: IPv6 Zone IDs

From: by way of Martin Duerst <margaret@thingmagic.com>
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 23:06:19 +0900
Message-Id: <>
To: public-iri@w3.org

Hi Martin,

Is there a new version of the IRI spec available that contains this note? 
If so, I will check it and remove my discuss.


At 8:07 AM +0900 11/30/04, Martin Duerst wrote:
>I have not heard from anybody about this issue, and I'm therefore
>closing it.
>Regards,    Martin.
>At 17:01 04/11/16, Martin Duerst wrote:
>>This is issue zoneid-48 at
>>Margaret Wasserman, in her 'discuss' at
>>brought up the question of how IPv6 Zone IDs would
>>be represented in IRIs. After detailled discussion involving several
>>members of the IESG as well as several other experts, I think the
>>following were the conclusions we arrived at:
>>[please don't ask me what Zone IDs are :-]
>>1) This is an issue that affects both the URI and the IRI spec, and
>>     should be fixed in parallel.
>>2) Given that use of Zone IDs will be rare (even rarer than use of
>>     IPv6 literals in general) in URIs and IRIs, and given that
>>     the IESG has already approved the URI draft, it seems unreasonable
>>     to hold back these drafts.
>>3) To make clear that Zone IDs are not handled (directly) by the current
>>     syntax, a sentence should be added to both the URI and the IRI draft
>>     to say so. Such a sentence will be added (as far as I understand)
>>     during the "Author's 24 hour review" period for the URI draft.
>>     For the IRI draft, I have added the sentence "This syntax does not
>>     support IPv6 scoped addressing zone identifiers." at the end of
>>     section 2.2. This tentatively closes this issue as far as this draft
>>     is concerned.
>>4) Even though the use of Zone IDs in URIs/IRIs shoud be very rare,
>>     because Zone IDs are really local to a specific machine, there are
>>     possible usage scenarios, in particular for configuration and network
>>     management, that make it worthwhile to define a syntax for Zone IDs
>>     in URIs/IRIs.
>>5) A new Internet Draft is being written by Bill Fenner and me to
>>     propose a syntax for Zone IDs in URIs/IRIs. We haven't figured
>>     out every detail yet, but I expect a submission soon. The basic
>>     idea of the draft is to use the IPvFuture production, which would
>>     lead to e.g. http://[v6.fe80::1234_1]/path/file.html.  The main
>>     technical detail to be resolved is the choice of separator for
>>     the ZoneID. The above example uses an '_'. I expect that we will
>>     announce this draft on uri@w3.org, but not on this list, because
>>     it is a generic URI syntax issue.
>>Regards,    Martin.
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