WEB DESIGNER. There are no tricks or gimmicks here, no spam, just a B2B straight out business proposal to you. On Demand Video wants to inform you of our affilliate program. You can help your clients hold more traffic, By recommending Streaming Video to the clients you are building sites for and to the clients you have built sites for you can increase your income both now and in the future. We pay direct to you a 20% commission not only for the sale but for everyday the video is On Demand . Clusters of Hi-Speed Servers connect to the Internet Backbone (Quad Redundant Locations) insure your clients video will run On Demand. An On Demand Video can cost your client anywhere from $25 a month on up. 30 minutes of On Demand Video available for 30 days is $50.

Streaming Video looks like the video is running from the clients’ site. We give you a link to put on the clients site and the video runs, On Demand, 24/7, Worldwide.

IMAGINE what you the Web Designer can do with this. Put a fresh twist to a new site. Add life to an old site.

Go to our site ondemandvideo.net and look at our sample videos Flight or the Music Video are lively Demos. Take it up to full screen. The Best Video On the Web. Contact us and we will discuss our various programs with you.

WE DON"T BUILD WEB SITES. We get requests for customers interested in On Demand Video who ask us, where can I get a Web Site built for video? If you are building business for us we are only too happy to turn over these customers to you.