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[IndieUI Events] removed DOMAttrChangeRequest

From: James Craig <jcraig@apple.com>
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2012 12:09:07 -0800
Message-id: <96ECC6C3-9885-49EF-8C1B-57B95DB77847@apple.com>
To: "public-indie-ui@w3.org" <public-indie-ui@w3.org>
I took an action to explicitly call out any major substantive edits on the list. This is the first.

DOMAttrChangeRequest (from the original proposal) is no longer necessary due to the other events that came out of the use cases last week. It was also the subject of some objections/complaints from representatives from Mozilla and Opera, so it's been removed from the editor's draft. I don't expect this removal to be controversial, but nevertheless wanted to alert the list.

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