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[Events] Interface UIManipulationRequestEvent added for move, pan, rotation, and zoom requests… Resolves ISSUE-1, ISSUE-2, ACTION-27, and ACTION-33

From: James Craig <jcraig@apple.com>
Date: Sun, 02 Dec 2012 01:09:02 -0800
Message-id: <E713A4A7-A3DF-403A-9098-614271C95C97@apple.com>
To: "public-indie-ui@w3.org Force" <public-indie-ui@w3.org>
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I added Interface UIManipulationRequestEvent added for move, pan, rotation, and zoom requests, which supersedes the previous, single-use interfaces for UIPanRequestEvent and UIZoomRequestEvent.

2.2 Interface UIManipulationRequestEvent

This should allow handling of both discrete manipulation events (moverequest, panrequest, rotationrequest, and zoomrequest) as well as allowing the flexibility for combined (e.g. continuous zoom+pan) and continuous events using the proposed manipulationstartrequest, manipulationchangerequest, manipulationendrequest, and manipulationcancelrequest, which each have the superset of the interface's parameters: originX, originY, deltaX, deltaY, rotation, and scaleFactor.

2.2.4 Continuous UIManipulationRequestEvent Types


This resolves ISSUE-1, ISSUE-2, ACTION-27, and ACTION-33.
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