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PGP Key signing party at the IETF!

From: Thomas Mueller <tomtom.mueller@gmx.de>
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2004 02:34:22 +0700
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To: "public-ietf-w3c lists.w3.org" <public-ietf-w3c@w3.org>

        For those of you at the IETF meeting in Toronto, we will be
holding a PGP Key signing party at Wednesday at 10:30 pm, in the
California room. The procedure we will use is the following:

        * People who wish to participate should email an ASCII
                extract of their PGP public key to <t...@mit.edu> by
                5:00pm on Wednesday.  Please include a subject line of
                "IETF PGP KEY".

        * At 10:30pm, come prepared with your PGP Key fingerprint; we will
                have handouts with all of the key fingerprints of
                the keys that people have mailed in.

        * In turn, participants will stand up, identify themselves,
                and read off their key fingerprint, so everyone can
                verify the fingerprints on the handout.  

        * Shortly after the key fingerprint recitation, you will be
                able to ftp a complete key ring from tsx-11.mit.edu
                with all of the keys that were submitted; it will be
                in the file     /    pub/tytso/ietf.asc and /pub/tytso/ietf.pgp.

        * Once the key ring is available, participants can sign the
                keys corresponding to the fingerprints which they were
                able to verify on the handout; note that it is
                advisable that you only sign keys of people when you
                have personal knowledge that the person who stood up
                and read the fingerprint really is the person which
                he/she claimed to be.

        * Submit the keys you have signed to <t...@mit.edu> with the
                subject "SIGNED IETF PGP KEYS"; as I have time, I will
                add them to the IETF key ring on tsx-11.mit.edu.  In a
                week or so, you can pick up a keyring that will have
                your PGP public key signed by (hopefully) lots of IETF

Note that the advantage of this scheme is that even if you don't have
a trusted laptop with you, you can make notes on the handout, and then
take the handout home and sign the keys later. If you do intend to do
this, and haven't emailed in a key, please make a hash mark on this
announcement on the message board, so we have a rough idea how many
handouts to make.

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