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Re: Web Identity WG Composition

From: Harry Halpin <hhalpin@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2011 13:51:06 +0100 (BST)
Message-ID: <3b5442013bc45f9cb0593cda5b18f474.squirrel@webmail-mit.w3.org>
To: "Anders Rundgren" <anders.rundgren@telia.com>
Cc: "public-identity@w3.org" <public-identity@w3.org>
> I don't see that a few obscure "independents" like me, and three giant
> *arch-enemy*
> vendors would ever come up with something useful in this space.

I suggest that you find another mailing list if you believe this. The W3C
is a membership consortium that includes vendors, and these vendors have
been working together with many independents on a large number of
deliverables around HTML5, Geolocation, and the like with a large amount
of success.

> If W3C is serious about this they *MUST* find an active, large *user*
> party like the
> US government or a large US bank.

Again, there may be other mailing lists and consortium pursuing this. I
suggest you look into these options if you wish to pursue this path, but
please stay on-topic on this mailing list.

The topic is currently the discussion of the charter's scope and text.
What precisely any future WG will look like depends on the commitments
made to the charter during an official AC Review period and is not
pre-determined by the W3C.

> Anders
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