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Re: WSTF Teleconference Notes...

From: A. Vine <andrea.vine@Sun.COM>
Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 16:59:10 -0700
To: aphillips@webmethods.com
Cc: public-i18n-ws@w3.org
Message-id: <40AD464E.3000809@sun.com>

WHo is Prasad_Yendluri?

Addison Phillips [wM] wrote:

> ===============
> MD: Action: send announcement to unicoRe
> AP: Action: send to the remainder of the lists 
> AP: Action: update the action list from the WSUS document
> Legend:
>   MD = Martin
>   AP = Addison
> *** Now talking in #i18n.
> *** Users on #i18n: apphillips Zakim @MJDuerst 
> *** End of /NAMES list.
> *** Mode for channel #i18n is "+"
> *** Channel #i18n was created at Thu May 20 16:00:47 2004 
> <Zakim> +[Sun]
> <Zakim> +Prasad_Yendluri
> <apphillips> zakim, who is here? 
> <Zakim> On the phone I see [IBM], Martin, [Sun], Prasad_Yendluri
> <Zakim> On IRC I see apphillips, Zakim, MJDuerst
> <apphillips> 1. Action Items and Agenda Review  
> <apphillips> 2. WSCG call summary 
> <apphillips> 3. Announcing WSUSWD... 
> <apphillips> 4. Requirements doc planning 
> <apphillips> 5. WSUSWD finalization planning 
> *** Signoff: MJDuerst (Ping timeout)
> <apphillips> AP: summary of the call with WSCG 
> <apphillips> AP: still confused about the whole Tex issue : why do we all remember him being on the WSCG call?
> <apphillips> Mary: "entitled" should be "titled" 
> <apphillips> The Web Service Task Force of the W3C Internationalization Working Group  
> <apphillips> is glad to announce the publication of a new, thoroughly revised Working  
> <apphillips> Draft entitled "Web Services Internationalization Usage Scenarios", at  
> <apphillips> http://www.w3.org/TR/2004/WD-ws-i18n-scenarios-20040512/.  
> <apphillips>   
> <apphillips> This Working Draft is close to finalization and publication as a Note,  
> <apphillips> and this is therefore the best time to review the document and send us  
> <apphillips> comments and suggestions as quickly as possible.  
> <apphillips>   
> <apphillips> Together with "Requirements for the Internationalization of Web Services"  
> <apphillips> (at http://www.w3.org/TR/ws-i18n-req/), this will serve as input to the  
> <apphillips> rechartering of the Internationalization Working Group this summer. 
> <apphillips> AV: include i18n-prog in the list of lists. 
> <apphillips> MD: Action: send to unicoRe 
> <apphillips> AP: action: the remainder of the lists 
> <apphillips> 4. 
> <apphillips> MD: doc may be a mismatch to the charter. some we may do and some that others will do. 
> <apphillips> AP: the important stuff to list is stuff we intend to work on. 
> <apphillips> comments pending: MD, AV, David Booth 
> <apphillips> 5. 
> <apphillips> target mid-to-late june? 
> <apphillips> TimBL timing/meeting issues 
> <apphillips> about a week of prep on the document 
> <apphillips> MD: organize the actionlist better. 
> <apphillips> AP: action: update the action list from the document 
> <apphillips> goober? 
> <apphillips> nudibranch? 
> <apphillips> g4r 
> <apphillips> home page 
> <apphillips>Will update action list. Discussion of section 4.16.x
> <Zakim> -Prasad_Yendluri
> <Zakim> -[IBM]
> <Zakim> -[Sun]
> <Zakim> -Martin
> <Zakim> I18N_WSTF()7:00PM has ended
> <Zakim> Attendees were [IBM], Martin, [Sun], Prasad_Yendluri
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> Internationalization is an architecture. 
> It is not a feature.

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