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WSTF Teleconference Notes; 10 June 2004

From: Addison Phillips [wM] <aphillips@webmethods.com>
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 17:12:51 -0700
To: <public-i18n-ws@w3.org>
Message-ID: <PNEHIBAMBMLHDMJDDFLHAENBICAA.aphillips@webmethods.com>

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*** Users on #i18n: apphillips avine @Tex 
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<apphillips> invite zakim 
*** Zakim (rrs-bridgg@ has joined channel #i18n
<apphillips> zakim, this is i18n 
<Zakim> ok, apphillips; that matches I18N_WSTF()7:00PM
<MJDuerst> zakim, this is i18n
<Zakim> MJDuerst, this was already I18N_WSTF()7:00PM
<Zakim> ok, MJDuerst; that matches I18N_WSTF()7:00PM
<apphillips> zakim, who is on? 
<Zakim> I don't understand your question, apphillips.
<apphillips> zakim, who is here? 
<Zakim> On the phone I see [IBM], [Sun], ??P2
<Zakim> On IRC I see MJDuerst, apphillips, avine, Tex
<apphillips> zakim, ??P2 is apphillips 
<Zakim> +apphillips; got it
<MJDuerst> zakim, dial Martin-617
<Zakim> ok, MJDuerst; the call is being made
<Zakim> +Martin
<apphillips> zakim, [Sun] is avine 
<Zakim> +avine; got it
<Zakim> +Tex
<Zakim> +Mike_McKenna
<apphillips> AI review: 
<apphillips> no WSCG reminder 
<apphillips> (AP) 
<apphillips> did reorder AI list (A) 
<apphillips> -- 
<apphillips> http://www.w3.org/International/ws/ws-i18n-scenarios-edit/ActionItemList.html 
<apphillips> discussion of a.vine's difficulty mailing addison and addison's faulty memory 
<apphillips> (4.16.x) 
<apphillips> AV: to send to list again 
<apphillips> MD: to do text on IRIs 
<avine> I have written sections 4.16.1, 4.16.2, 4.16.3, and  Martin needs to do 4.16.4
<apphillips> http://www.w3.org/International/ws/ws-i18n-scenarios-edit/Overview.xml#id0x021a6328 
<apphillips> AI item 14 
<apphillips> show s:actor attribute 
<apphillips> tex: intro should enumerate things 
<apphillips> second para needs crafting to link three indep. thoughts. 
<apphillips> header changes or removal may cause problems in this approach 
<apphillips> TT: to give it a try tonight, otherwise it is APs 
<apphillips> --- 
<apphillips> #13 
<apphillips> Visa vs. Carte Bleu 
<apphillips> MM 
<apphillips> in progress 
<apphillips> --- 
<apphillips> #25 
<apphillips> Let's remove the note.(?) 
<apphillips> Editorial note: FTF     2004-03-29  
<apphillips> Also there is a lingering note to mention RFC2277... or make it a reference or something... and heck we can mention 3536 and the CharMod and some other stuff. [Owner Mike] 
<apphillips> approved. 
<apphillips> --- 
<apphillips> Addison has received Andrea's mail 
<avine> Andrea who?
<apphillips> Vine 
<apphillips> zakim, who is avine? 
<Zakim> I don't understand your question, apphillips.
<apphillips> --- 
<apphillips> how do you want to finalize? 
<apphillips> a) our own approval 
<apphillips> b) last call? 
<apphillips> will finish and then get a week 
<apphillips> Target is 24 June for us to approve. 
<apphillips> comments submitted prior to meeting 
<apphillips> Note pub process takes about a week +/- 
<apphillips> --- 
<apphillips> Transports 
*** mgm (mgm@ has joined channel #i18n
<apphillips> Need to provide statement about transports: good/bad/ugly 
<apphillips> Text Texit 
<Tex> zakim, mute tex
<Zakim> Tex should now be muted
<apphillips> (discussion) 
<Tex> zakim, unmute tex
<Zakim> Tex should no longer be muted
<apphillips> dont rely on the transport? 
<apphillips> don't use the protocol layer to move locale-ish stuff? 
<mgm> locale-specific stuff should be sent as part of the payload - esp for ftp
<apphillips> if the service needs requesters locale, should you use HTTP A-L to get it? 
<apphillips> {no}? 
<mgm> I would say always use SOAP header - HTTP A-L is preferred if using HTTP, but should be redundant with SOAP
<apphillips> illustrate the problem. 
<apphillips> don't need a solution 
<mgm> locale in HTTP -> passed to ftp (lose locale of envelope).  If in SOAP, no info lost
<avine> sounds like a "no"
<apphillips> AP: owner 
<apphillips> --- 
<avine> sure
<apphillips> http://www.w3.org/International/ws/ws-i18n-requirements-edit/Overview.html 
<apphillips> http://www.w3.org/International/ws/ws-i18n-requirements-edit/Overview.xml 
*** Signoff: avine (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
<apphillips> Requirement: A standard for identifying platform neutral international  
<apphillips> preferences (that is, locale identifiers). One possible mechanism would be a standard  
<apphillips> extension to the proposed extension [ID-langtags] of  
<apphillips> RFC 3066 [RFC3066] that describes international preferences. 
<apphillips> Some of the items that such an extension would describe might include: 
<apphillips> Given the evoluation of Web services, it seems likely that such a feature would take the form of a Specification that can be used composably with others in the WS-* stack. 
*** avine (c0127ff6@ has joined channel #i18n
<avine> what effort are you talking about now?
<avine> (I lost the link to IRC)
<apphillips> the Charter for the I18N WG 
<avine> Ah, yes, got it
*** mgm has left #i18n
<Zakim> -Tex
*** Signoff: Tex (Quit: Tex)
<apphillips> disaster movie review 
<Zakim> -avine
<Zakim> -Mike_McKenna
<Zakim> -[IBM]
<Zakim> -apphillips
<apphillips> Martin? 
<Zakim> -Martin
*** Signoff: avine (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
<Zakim> I18N_WSTF()7:00PM has ended
<Zakim> Attendees were [IBM], apphillips, Martin, avine, Tex, Mike_McKenna

Addison P. Phillips
Director, Globalization Architecture
webMethods | Delivering Global Business Visibility
Chair, W3C Internationalization (I18N) Working Group
Chair, W3C-I18N-WG, Web Services Task Force

Internationalization is an architecture. 
It is not a feature.
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