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PLEASE REVIEW: Comments on SOAP Resource Rep Header doc

From: A. Vine <andrea.vine@sun.com>
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 18:42:01 -0700
To: I18n WSTF <public-i18n-ws@w3.org>
Message-id: <41216269.8050003@sun.com>

{note to self: When this is ready to go, it should be sent to 

The Internationalization Web Service Task Force (I18n WSTF) of the 
Internationalization Working Group (I18n WG) have reviewed the SOAP 
Resource Representation Header document and have the following questions 
and comments.

1. In what scenarios would this header be used?  In other words, what 
prompted the creation of this document?

2. What happens when you have the SOAP document in one charset and the 
SOAP RRH with a text document in another charset?  We recommend that 
charset issues be discussed in the document.

3. Related to the above question, we recommend that either:
	a. text transport should be restricted, or
	b. a recommendation against text transport this way should be included, or
	c. the base64 requirement should be relaxed.

4. URI is not defined in this document.  We recommend that the reference 
  be IRI, and be defined as {fill in the definition - Martin?}.

5. How are the URIs matched?  For example, are they case-sensitive?

6. To avoid requiring that all SOAP senders understand the HTTP caching 
mechanism, we recommend that all the data required by a processor that 
wants to act as a local cache needs to be carried along with the 
message. This includes the complete request/reply as well as the time 
the original HTTP request has been sent and the time the HTTP response 
has been received.

7. How are error conditions handled?  For example, what to do in the 
case of an HTTP 404?

Below are some basic edits:

2.1 Introduction

occurences => occurrences (2 places)
several representation => several representations

2.2.1 rep:Representation element

"One or more attribute information items amongst its [attributes]
property as follows:"
"One or more attribute information items amongst its [attributes]
properties as follows:"
(not clear as written, is it an "attributes property"?  If so, it can't
be "amongst" a single thing.  Same comment for section 2.2.4)

"One or more element information items in its [children] property in
order as follows:"
"One or more element information items in its [children] properties in
order as follows:"
(not clear as written, is it a "children property"?)

"with a [namespace name] different than"
"with a [namespace name] different from"

2.2.4 rep:Data element
(Same comments as in 2.2.1)

2.3 Extensibility of the Representation header block
"several possible usage" => "several possible usages"

2.3.3 HTTP headers
"... all SOAP senders understand HTTP caching mechanism"

Andrea Vine
Received on Tuesday, 17 August 2004 01:34:50 UTC

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