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[I18N ITS] Teleconference Minutes 2008-01-16

From: Felix Sasaki <fsasaki@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 23:45:24 +0900
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                              i18n ITS WG

16 Jan 2008



   See also: [3]IRC log

      [3] http://www.w3.org/2008/01/16-i18nits-irc


          Bartosz, Felix, Yves

          Christian, Jirka




     * [4]Topics
         1. [5]Action items
         2. [6]BP document progress
         3. [7]review of other formats
         4. [8]AOB
     * [9]Summary of Action Items

Action items

   ACTION-3 postponed until the end

   ACTION-11 feedback from XForms

   Felix describes mail from forms people

   Yves: would be great to have an example file from XForms people, so
   we could add ITS into it?

   Felix: sounds good to me

   <scribe> ACTION: Felix to send another mail to Leigh Klotz about
   XForms example [recorded in

   <trackbot-ng> Created ACTION-59 - Send another mail to Leigh Klotz
   about XForms example [on Felix Sasaki - due 2008-01-23].

   ACTION-33 and ACTION-45 , waiting for feedback from Richard

   close ACTION-53

   <trackbot-ng> ACTION-53 Change teleconf reservation back to usual
   schedule closed

   ACTION-54 pending

   ACTION-55 send comments to XLIFF



   Yves: XLIFF allows to have foreign namespaces in it, so it's easy to
   put ITS markup in here
   ... only request I'd have: an ITS rules for that maps to XLIFF

   Felix: Christian would be able to make that request, right?

   Yves: yes, we should ask him to do that

   Felix: +1

   handle this as part of ACTION-55

   ACTION-56 see

     [12] http://www.w3.org/International/its/its-functionality-in-html5/

   Felix describes the approach

   Yves: people need examples show how to do this
   ... the example is a first good approach, it shows that it does not
   harm the browser and shows the ITS functionality

   Bartosz: agree, good idea

   Felix: will extend the example, give more backgroud info to ITS, and
   do more testing
   ... what would you think about using CSS selectors instead of XPath?

   Yves: fine on paper, implementation is important
   ... people who are implementing the localization process might not
   find a simple way to do that
   ... also not sure about implication on other aspects on ITS

   Felix: will make submission to conference, wait for feedback, come
   back to us and after that to HTML folks




   Felix: looks good to me

   close ACTION-57

   <trackbot-ng> ACTION-57 Work on summary tables closed

   ACTION-58 reminder for Felix for publication

   Yves: Richard posted notes about edits, he worked on sec. 4, edit
   marks are still in the document

   Felix: looks good to me

   Yves: OK to remove the edit marks

   <scribe> ACTION: Richard to remove edit marks [recorded in

   <trackbot-ng> Sorry, amibiguous username (more than one match) -

   <trackbot-ng> Try using a different identifier, such as family name
   or username (eg. rishida, frichard)

   <scribe> ACTION: rishida to remove edit marks [recorded in

   <trackbot-ng> Created ACTION-60 - Remove edit marks [on Richard
   Ishida - due 2008-01-23].

   Yves: BP 8 had a missing example, I created one

BP document progress

   Yves: remove change marks, removing change log, version issue still
   ... hope to have final document for next week

   Felix: propose publication on 29 January

   Yves: OK

   <scribe> ACTION: Felix to start publication process for BP doc
   [recorded in

   <trackbot-ng> Created ACTION-61 - Start publication process for BP
   doc [on Felix Sasaki - due 2008-01-23].

review of other formats

   <scribe> ACTION: Felix to look at SMIL Timesheets 1.0 [recorded in

   <trackbot-ng> Created ACTION-62 - Look at SMIL Timesheets 1.0 [on
   Felix Sasaki - due 2008-01-23].


   Felix describes ITS IG charter progress

   scribe: and ITS-2-Y

Summary of Action Items

   [NEW] ACTION: Felix to look at SMIL Timesheets 1.0 [recorded in
   [NEW] ACTION: Felix to send another mail to Leigh Klotz about XForms
   example [recorded in
   [NEW] ACTION: Felix to start publication process for BP doc
   [recorded in
   [NEW] ACTION: rishida to remove edit marks [recorded in

   [End of minutes]

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