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RE: Action Item on BP9 from Teleconference 8 August 2007

From: Yves Savourel <ysavourel@translate.com>
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 10:21:59 -0600
To: <public-i18n-its@w3.org>
Message-ID: <005701c7e4d8$90b8fda0$8d05a8c0@BREIZH>

Hi evryone,

I have made the changes reflecting (hopefully) our discussions at the last teleconference.

See the first paragraphs at:

One additional note:

You will notice that a very handy ITS rule to have here would be one similar to <its:langRule> where you use a selector to point to
the attribute used instead of xml:lang.

Here you would have some <its:idRule> where the selector would point to the ID attribute used in this document.

Such rule is, alas, not in our current version of ITS. This issue is even more visible in the summary table:

I guess this is one possible addition for a next version...

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