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[Bug 2877] Terminology data category

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Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2006 11:11:17 +0000
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------- Additional Comments From christian.lieske@sap.com  2006-02-17 11:11 -------
While working on data category "terminology" I stumbled across some questions, 
which may pop up elsewhere as well:

1. What if the host vocabulary already has markup related to terms (see for 
example DITA and DocBook)? Do we recommend keeping it and mapping it via a 
documentRule? If so: Can this recommendation be generalized, and thus for 
example become part of the introduction to data categories?

2. What if the host vocabulary and our ITS markup related to terms only share 
some commonalities? Example: The DITA "term" element allows more than just one 
attribute with additional information? Do we suggest to

a. move stuff from ITS into host vocabulary
  <dita:term its:dir="ltr">PlateBroiler</dita:term>

b. move stuff from host vocabulary into ITS

  <its:term dita:platform="CoolOS">PlateBroiler</its:term>

Or do we suggest something completely different?

3. What if we have a clash of the information from the namespace of the host 
vocabulary and the ITS namespace? Example

  <documentRule its:term="yes" its:termSelector="//dita:term">
  <p>The highly visible <dita:term dita:translate="no">PlateBroiler</term> ...

4. What if the host vocabulary and ITS differ with regard to one of the 

4.1 content model (for example PCDATA vs. mixed)
4.2 data type (for example NMTOKEN vs. CDATA)

In addition, I stumbled across some things which may only be relevant for the 
term data category

5. The "termRef" is a URI which consist of a termbase identifier prefix and a 
term identified suffix. Example:

 <its:documentRule its:term="yes" its:termSelector="/body/p[1]/span"

I wonder if there is a need to "factor out" the termbase identifier, since it 
will be the same for possibly dozens of terms. Example:

<its:documentRules termBaseRef="http://example.com/termdatabase/# ">
 <its:documentRule its:term="yes" its:termSelector="/body/p[1]/span"

6. I wonder if we need a recommendation related to Yomigana (phonetic strings; 
see http://esw.w3.org/topic/its0503ReqTermIdentification). We currently have 
not foreseen this as part of the term data category. I could  imagine a 
recommendation like 'Use "termRef" and put the Yomigana into your termbase'.
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