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[ESW Wiki] Update of "its0601TechTransDev" by YvesSavourel

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+ = ITS WG Collaborative editing page =
+  * [:its0601Techniques:Back to Techniques]
+ = Provide a list of non-translatable content  =
+ XML content is often translatable text, while attributes values are most of the time non-translatable metadata. This is the default assumption the ITS translatibility mechanism has selected: If not otherwise specified, the content of all elements is translatable, and the values of all attributes is not translatable.
+ If your XML documents do not correspond to this default assumption, you need to specify what are the exceptions.
+ This can be done different ways:
+ === Add information within your schema ===
+ ITS offers a mechanism to include translatability information within a schema document.
+ For example you can use the ITS <schemaRule> element to indicate whether the content of an element or the value of an attribute is translatable or not.
+ For example, the following <schemaRule> element specifies that the content of the element <headInfo> is not translatable.
+ {{{<xs:element name="headInfo">
+  <xs:annotation>
+   <xs:appinfo>
+    <its:schemaRule translate="yes"/>
+   </xs:appinfo>
+  </xs:annotation>
+  ...
+ </xs:element>}}}
+ === Create a list of rules ===
+ In the cases where you cannot modify the schema, or work with DTDs, you can specify the translatability rules of your document using the ITS <documentRules> element.
+ For example, the following document lists two exception to the default ITS translatability assumptions. It states that the content of the <headinfo> element is not translatable, and that the value of any desc attribute in a <pict> element is translatable.
+ {{{<its:documentRules xmlns:its="http://www.w3.org/2005/11/its"
+  xmlns:xyz="myXYZDocumentType">
+  <its:documentRule translateScope="//xyz:headInfo" translate="no" />
+  <its:documentRule translateScope="//xyz:pict@desc" translate="yes" />
+ </its:documentRules>}}}
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